California Heights

California Heights
The Album, In Progress

All songs ©2020 Larry Menshek, except Johnny and Mary, by Robert Palmer.
Ain’t Got No Gas features Dr. Harry Lyons on harmonica.
House of Mirrors features Tom Ham on bass.

I produced my first “album” in 1972, using a Teac A1200 tape recorder, layering tracks using sound-on sound. The songs were pretty good — I still play a couple of them — but the finished product was terrible. I didn’t know how to make a record, and the equipment made it hard to correct mistakes.

Then I went on the road playing in a series of rock’n’roll bands, and I didn’t record my own music again for twenty years, give or take.

California Heights will be my second album. It’s taking a long time, so I’m posting it here as I work on it. I’m updating, remixing, re-recording and remastering as I go. What you hear today might change tonight. I may add songs or remove songs, or change the order.

All of this is free for anyone who’d like to listen. When the whole thing is finished I may charge for high-quality downloads or even a custom CD.

Or I may not.

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3 Replies to “California Heights”

  1. Hi Larry! Well I managed to stumble my way here. . . Great music! Okay then. . . Back out the back door. . . Bye for now. The Phone is superb!!! ! !

  2. What a treat for both Robin and me. You might think that being both retired and isolated that I wouldn’t have anything to do. Turns out that’s correct and I still just can’t get it all done. Well I wanted to give some attention to your effort and today was perfect. 1000 feet above sea level, birds twittering, house wide open, gentle breeze, sparkling soda, ………….Basically living and breathing, “California Heights.” And, this music played right into the non-plan to thoroughly enjoy the day. I’ll be passing this along to some folks that I know will and appreciate your music style. And Robin and I will probably be doing a little kitchen dancing tonight. Thanks for listening to the voices. Best to Barbara. “Original Sin?” Love it.

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