Not In My Name

Power Fist

Not In My Name was finished late in 2005.

It was written in response to a blog post that I read in which the writer lamented the shortage of new protest songs. The gist of what he said was "Times are bad in many ways, like in the 1960's, but unlike the sixties, our artists are not expressing their outrage."

I took this as a challenge, and wrote Not In My Name. I call it "a protest song for the 21st century," but I tried to give it a sixties-style folk-rock feel. I know most of you who read this weren't around at the time, but if you were, think Byrds. You know what I mean. I don't think Roger McGuinn would mind the heavy use of latin percussion. After all, I'm a Southern Californian.

Because it was written as part of a blog conversation, and because it's first public appearance was on this blog, I have already written a lot about the song. You can read all about it here, complete with reader comments.

UPDATE, MAY 8, 2006: The latest version, with power guitar. This has a new bass track (apparently the bass I have cannot be tuned) and a heavy electric guitar, just to give it some oomph. I'm still working out what to play on this latest guitar track. Right now it's too much, but is less always more? Also, I have turned up the lead vocal and turned down the reverb, and added new background vocals (featuring The Balding Brothers Glee Club).

Not In My Name

There go the young men, marching away
Gonna make it right for another day
Follow the leader into the field
The march of freedom, you know it's real
I see the flag waving in the rockets' glare
This old world needs saving... over there, but

[CHORUS] Not in my name. Not in my name.

Life on the planet fading away
Will there be enough for another day?
How many babies going without?
With fields of grain burning in the drought.
I see the wheels turning, I hear the motors roar
Them old boys are learning to take all they want and more.

[CHORUS] Not in my name. Not in my name.

[BRIDGE] We don't want to own the world - we just want to let it be.
And every single boy and girl got the right to be free.

You pay so much for nothing at all
Promises made, but they can't recall
You know your freedom is sold and bought
It's not a crime if you don't get caught
If you got the cash to play you're welcome in the USA
But when the flood is coming in your door the politicians aren't there no more.

Not in my name. Not in my name.

© Larry Jones 2006

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