Larry Jones

This started out as a blog in October of 2004.

At that time “blogging” was a huge trend, and I had discovered a bunch of smart, funny, insightful amateur writers — and I use the term “amateur” only to indicate that these writers were not doing it for money. In fact, many were creating better stuff than the published authors I was reading. I had spent my whole life to that point trying to make myself understood, and updating the story periodically. Blogging seemed perfect for me: I could pretend I was just jotting down my random thoughts, for the pure journaling joy of it, while actually writing for an audience, a potential audience limited only by the size of — dare I say it? — the internet. Thus “revision99” was born.

I was working for a large corporation at the time, and I hated it. I knew I would have unflattering things to say about my employer, so I chose to write under the fake name Larry Jones, hoping that would keep me from getting fired (I needed the paycheck, and the medical insurance). But Larry Jones has always been me, Larry Menshek. And yes, eventually I did get fired.

And who is Larry Jones-Menshek? One of the millions of post-World War 2 baby boomers being dragged screaming into maturity. He is a rock musician and songwriter, holds a degree in semantics, is an amateur moviemaker, a political subversive, a lover of animals, blues and technology. He is also a genius and a skeptic, almost to the point of cynicism.

Sometime after I started revision99 (The Blog), it became possible to record music at home and show it off on the internet. So that’s what’s happening at the “Musix” section of this site. I am a slow songwriter, so who knows how much material will ever find its way here, but I encourage you to check out what I’ve done and let me know what you think.

The original blog with all its archives, blogroll and comments dating back to 2004 is still here. If you scroll down from the Home page you’ll see the three most recent posts. If you want to see all posts or search for anything, click on the “Blog” link, either here or from The menu at the top of any page.

Send your email to “jones at revision99 dot com” or go to my contact page.