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This page will soon lead to a gallery of my photos. I had a non-catastrophic computer crash, and now I have to start the photo gallery all over.

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2 Replies to “Jones’ Pix”

  1. Larry! You’ve got a band?!? Am I what…way behind on your life?!? What kind of friend am I? Life is just to crammed with stuff we HAVE to do and lacking in time for stuff we WANT to do! I know I don’t need to rant much on that because we’ve talked about this endlessly but YOU are doing something to overcome! Good for you! Okay, so I’m in my LAST, yes last, semester of school (YEAH!) and it only took me 8 years to get a two year degree! Not bad for a working mom, but it came at a VERY high price! As you know, I have had to completely give up everything that that I loved. I still buy instruments, I just don’t play them. Computer graphics? What’s that?? I am woefully behind the times with the current software and my old stuff won’t run on the newer boxes! Sounds like I have to start over there too! And, I was making such progress!!

    Well, enough about me…I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you that you are still on my radar. I think of you often and miss the times we used to hang out. I wanted to reach out to you to show you that you don’t just cross my mind when I have a computer issue that is bigger than I am. I’d LOVE to hear your new band so let me know how that can happen.

    Take care of you and don’t forget to listen to the voices.

    Much Love, your very much in the background friend – GALPALVAL

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