The Cell Phone Band

The Cell Phone Band was born out of our desire to play music with our friends during the pandemic isolation of the past year+, and (we hope!) entertain our friends and family who were going through a similar quarantine situation. We couldn’t get together to work out the music, couldn’t rehearse together, and of course all the performance venues had closed. So we started this long-distance imaginary band using our phones. The players are spread around the country from coast to coast, and we’ve never had the band in one room, but we hope some day we can meet in person and play a few songs together. Meantime, enjoy the “concert,” and please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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5 Replies to “The Cell Phone Band”

  1. Absolutely great stuff. Especially love the Hand Jive and Feel a Whole Lot better. The video on Hand Jive is pure genius.

  2. I didn’t think 2021 could get much better–that is, until I saw these clips of the awesome Cell Phone Band. Keep them coming!!

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