Bob Woodward and Chaos in DC

Robert Costa (of the Washington Post and Washington Week) interviewed Bob Woodward (famously of the Washington Post)…

…on Friday night. They talked for a half hour, preempting Costa’s usual panel discussion in favor of an in-depth look at Woodward’s book, his methods, his concern and — sort of — his conclusions.

This is a worthwhile way to spend 30 minutes of your time. Woodward has been working sources in Washington for more than four decades, and there is no reason to disbelieve what he lays out in his book or in this interview. He speaks in measured tones about the chaos that is rampant in the White House, Donald Trump’s war on truth and the press, and how the press must win back the trust of its readers/listeners/viewers. For a moment when I was watching it, I thought “Even Trump supporters would have to accept this guy’s word.”

But then I thought “Nah.”

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