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Holy shit!

I just left a comment at Kung Pow Pig regarding the Trampoline of Death. You should read that post, but the real shit is that Blogger has improved the commenting section. I’m still not sure exactly what all is new, but one of the biggies is that you, oh Anonymous One, can now sign your comments without signing up for Blogger. You know who you are. Click on “Thoughts on this rubbish” at the bottom of this post, and see what I mean. I’d love to hear from you, and you know you have a lot to say to me.

But it looks like if you are a Blogger member, your picture appears with your comment! Is that cool or what?! I have been saying “more pictures” for months (OK, mostly just to myself, but once or twice here and in comments), and now there will be tons more pix. Those of you who don’t post pictures of yourself in your profile: what are you hiding? Are you a high public official who must maintain the strictest propriety? Are you afraid your stalker will find you (I recently discovered these are referred to as “ex-bf’s”)? Are you just flat out butt ugly? These are not good excuses, people. OK, if you’re afraid, post something clever in place of your mug, like this guy did. But blogs need more pix, folks, and I think you know it’s not going to happen unless you make it happen!

Put a comment here to see how the new comment thing works. This is not a trick to get as many comments as I possibly can going here. It’s not.

UPDATE: The new commenting system also allows me to make the comments appear in a popup window. This means there will be no further use for Haloscan. Seriously. Click on my comment link. Really, just do it.

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15 Replies to “Comment This”

  1. I find this new commenting format scary. I am still getting over Kris and Jon being eliminated from the Amazing Race and the doctors said changes like this could really set me off. Which is fine because crazy MPH is a better writer than slightly below normal MPH

  2. MPH — Yeah, I know. Just today there was a “story” on all the news services about a syndrome called “heart stun.” This is when your heart stops, but it’s not a heart attack, then it starts up again. It’s because of some bad news or other shock, like the Amazing Race thing (by the way, I have never seen even one episode of that “show.”). But I read on another blog that A.R. is starting up again in just a few weeks, so if you can hang for that long with your heart not beating, you’ll be fine again.

  3. j — How did you post the picture of you and your son in the snow? Find a picture you like (preferrably a picture of you, revealing the deep truth of your soul) and upload it to that same place. Then in “Edit Profile,” type in the URL (internet address) of that picture in the space labeled “Photo URL.” As a quick start, you can use this URL:
    It is the picture of you driving to Colorado. (In my preview window, this is not very readable. Feel free to email me for a better explanation.)
    As for Thundercap Wilson, I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume this is not a cruel 30-something joke at my expense — he was the third Papa, and the father of Mama Cass’ mystery child.

  4. Well, the attraction to haloscan is that it is easier for anonymous posts, and with the old system of blogger commenting, it was difficult. And, the popup window thingie…I like that. There are people with blogs that aren’t necessarily on blogger, so it’s easier for them to comment. Now, if we could just get blogger to remember your information, so you didn’t have to keep typing in your username and password. What a pain!

  5. Melissa — Remembering your info is a cookie issue. Maybe your browser is clearing them when you close a session, oe maybe the IT dept at work is not allowing them. Something like that. If you use Internet Explorer, Tools|Internet Options|Privacy|Advanced.
    Good luck!

  6. Yep, was also surprised as hell when this came up, but I must say that it does seem to be an improvement. I still wish it didn’t have an extra ‘step,’ though, you know? I still have to click one whole more time to get to comment. I’m sure they’re feverishly working on it, however, and will present yet another innovation that will astound us all.

  7. Steph — I understand that not all Blogger templates act the same with respect to comments. Probably some have a shorter path. So, when’s the blessed event?

    Kung Pow Pig — But make it a revealing mask.

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