Dream Lover

Last night Linda came to me in a dream.

I was at a race track, watching the ponies. There were people around, but no big crowd. It was broad daylight, hazy sun streaming through a stand of cypress. It felt like early morning, not racing time. The horses were warming up, training. In my waking life, I don’t go to race tracks.

I turned to the woman standing with me at the chain link fence. She looked at me and it was Linda. She gave me her sweet smile, the one that always melts my heart, her dark eyes downcast shyly. She pressed her side against my side, so the only place for my arm was around her shoulder. It felt OK there.

We made small talk, but I knew she was dead. I wanted to ask her why she left. I wanted to know if anything hurt. I wanted her to forgive me for…what? I wasn’t sure, but I needed forgiveness. I wanted to hold her, take her face in my hands, kiss her eyes.

She turned her head. I heard someone say You know she can’t be here.

A pack of horses thundered by. I rode one, and saw Linda, standing at the edge of the track. She was waving and calling to me, something I couldn’t hear. I’m sure she would forgive me, if I knew how to ask, if I knew my crime, if I could talk to her again.

But I rode away, around the turn.

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20 Replies to “Dream Lover”

  1. Damn it, Larry. I’m an easy cry when I’m going through withdrawal!

    Seriously, I’m going to have to read that again. It was very touching, but I think it has more to say to me that I can’t quite grasp in one sitting. Really excellent!

    Have you read it outloud yet? I wonder how it would be different.

  2. Dreams are surreal. They FEEL so super-real and seem to mean something INTENSE, whether they do or not. I often find it’s like having a soap opera read to me by James Earl Jones. He makes it sound GREAT, terrifically interesting, certainly better than it is. I LOVE to have James Earl Jones dreams!

  3. Sorry, Larry Jones, I am a bad, bad blogger. In response to your question, it’s just kinda sexy when a man takes the time to shave down there, so that we can perform hair-free blow-jobs. Hair, of course, is not a deal-breaker because, yes, men are naturally hairy, but it’s just kinda…hawt. The end. :o)

    P.S. Like your blog!

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