Please don’t wake me. No, don’t shake me. Leave me where I am, I’m only sleeping.
John Lennon

Twenty-five years ago today in New York City,
a deranged and sad little man, whose name is of no importance,
shot and killed John Lennon, bringing to an end
a life of genius, joy and love,
and leaving millions bereaved. John was barely forty years old,
and we have no way of knowing what gifts he had left to give.
They may say he was a dreamer, but he’s not the only one.
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10 Replies to “Dreamer”

  1. I was very surprised that there wasn’t more hoopla around this, well maybe there was (I don’t watch much TV).

    As to the previous post, dare I say, I currently really like (*gulp*) Kelly CLarkson’s acapello version of “O’ Holy Night,” & I ‘m in total agreement with the others you mentioned liking, especially the Crosby & Bowie duet. And you are right, the Springsteen version of S. Claus is Comin to Town” sounds like he’s trying to shit shards of broken glass out of his a**hole.

  2. John did more with his forty years than I have done yet in my life, and I’ve passed him in age. He didn’t have to work for peace and equality. He could have bought a yacht and a mansion, partied with the wealthy and ignored the rest of us except when it was time to sell something like concert tickets or the latest recording. He created the modern “rock star,” as we know it, as well as an alternative that too few of them seem to care about. I miss him still.

    And T1, I haven’t heard Kelly’s version, but what a beautiful song. Also, do you talk to your mother with that mouth?

  3. As I become older, I appreciate his music and point of view much more. After all, I didn’t listen to much of his stuff til pretty recently. But better late than never–he’s someone worth getting to know.

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