9 Replies to “Happy Birthday, B.B.”

  1. Ron – Talk about starstruck (one of my guitars is just like Lucille…).

    Theresa – Lucille seems to have many birthdays (see next).

    T1 – I think I knew the answer to your question once, but I forgot it and had to look it up. The story of Lucille is here. There’s also a link to a sound file of B.B. telling the story himself.

  2. Although his story says that naming his guitar Lucille after the woman who died will “remind him never to do anything like” risking his life for his guitar again, I like to think it’s b/c maybe the spirit of that dead woman escaped into that guitar & he saved “her” in that way. I’m just a hopeless romantic that way.

  3. T1 – I don’t know if this makes me more romantic than you or not romantic at all, but I thought he meant that he wanted to remember never to fight over a woman.

    Erin – Remiss, schmeemiss. As long as you catch up occasionally.

    Steph – A real guy, a real gentleman. He could play another 80 years and I wouldn’t get tired of him.

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