I’m Not A President, But I Play One On TV

So I guess Bush is insane.

Bush on TV
After a month-long buildup during which he gave us to believe that he was figuring out a “way forward,” and against a backdrop of clear voter disgust at his performance in office, particularly his “management” of the war he started in Iraq, he goes on TV and gives us, in the words of one PBS commentator, “…stay the course plus 20,000.”

His speech indicates that he is not going to let reality or the will of the people interfere with his vision, and I mean that in the sense of “hallucination.”

For good measure, he threw in a threat to Iran and Syria. If he attacks one or both of them, or provokes them to attack us, he could be inciting a regional holocaust in the Middle East which would dwarf the mess he has created in Iraq. If anyone survives, it may be called World War III.

I am now afraid for the planet.

Congress must clamp down hard on the Commander-in-Chief. Oversight of the Executive is their Constitutional duty. Impeachment won’t work. It would take too long, and anyway, Vice President Cheney would likely continue the administration’s failed policies. Congress needs to babysit Bush until his term runs out. They must make him ask for money whenever he needs more, and explain publicly exactly what he intends to do with it.

Democrats and Republicans: Do you need any more evidence? It’s time to get together and save the world.

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13 Replies to “I’m Not A President, But I Play One On TV”

  1. I was out last night and missed most of the speech, but my husband said he’s already sent the additional troops? Is that true? I’m gonna have to hit the blogosphere to find out, I guess.

  2. Where are we getting these “additional troops”? Can’t wait for a draft…I’ll bet chicks won’t be safe this time. Hmmm, might not return from the Azores in March.

  3. Charlie Rengel’s supposed to be introducing legislation for a new Draft today. Joy of joys! I heard somewhere that it states people will be drafted ages 18 – 42. Joy again! That means I qualify! Boy, the enemy won’t know what him ’em with me in there fighting!

    Just ask Larry. He knows I fight dirty!

    Judo Chop!

  4. There will be no draft. If there is, the war will end. Congress will be completely turned over to the dems. the people dying now are mostly rural whites, hispanics and African-Americans. When they come for the ex-urbs and the rich kids there will be a stop put to it.

    That may be 60’s rhetoric but i honestly believe it.

  5. Steve – I thought they’d never have the balls to steal a national election.
    *It was unthinkable that they would casually issue no-bid multibillion-dollar contracts to the Vice President’s company.
    *Invading sovereign nations?
    *Torturing prisoners?
    *Incarcerating American citizens with no charges and no access to lawyers or courts?
    *Looting the Treasury with corporate welfare and tax cuts for their friends?
    *Warrantless wiretaps?
    *Domestic spying?
    *Hundreds of “signing statements” saying the president can ignore the law?

    The list of unthinkable behavior goes on and on. Don’t be too sure they won’t decide to start up a new military draft. After all, a little military discipline is a good way to keep the peasants in line.

    Aydreeyin – He looks like he’s gone over the edge there, doesn’t he? You’d think he’d be feeling isolated and frightened. But he’s secure in his righteousness, as he learns each day from his talks with Jesus.

  6. I’d really love it if, every time the Daily Show ran a pic of Shrub, they played that ICP song. T’would be Brilliant!

    I really still think that Impeachment still has more Constitutional precedent than Congressional Oversight of the necessary nature, amigo. Truly. + there is no way to Impeach the Preznit for these particular offenses without including Shooter on probably half of all counts.

    Whilst either way would really work for me if they actually do one, I’ll take 2 years of President Pelosi over an effectively un-Constitutional Legislative Presidency.

    Like I say though, I’m not adverse extreme measures for extreme problems. I just don’t think such is necessary or imbued with a high probability of success.

    Incidentally, BG didn’t cut you Larry, did she?

    Oh, I’m 41. Draftable. I’m still not against it, in part because of what Steve put forth and for the fact that the precedents are being set for Conscientious Objectors, sometimes to frightening effect, true, but even as we type and read and speak.

    And I could use the boot camp workout, big time.

  7. I don’t want to impeach this President because I don’t want impeachment to become the standard means of changing leadership in this country. The threat to impeach Nixon festered in the Republican heart for 20 years and the very first time they had a majority and a Democrat in the White House they impeached him. If we impeach Bush (though he richly deserves it), they will see it as retaliation and as license to impeach the next Democratic president. Also, I don’t think there would be 67 votes in the Senate to throw him out, and if they didn’t throw him out he would take that as a mandate for another eight years in office (wartime and all…). Finally, as I mentioned before, it would take too long. People are dying. The war must be stopped. Proper form be damned.

  8. Its a real good point about setting a precedent on the one hand. I say Clinton and to a certain extent, Andrew Johnson got screwed hard.

    But on the other hand just because they did a number on Clinton, that doesnt mean every impeachment would be wrong. I really think Nixon’s crimes were nothing compared to what may have happened here….. Just because the GOP took things too far, that doesnt make an impeachment of Bush invalid.

    ….and let me add, we dont even NEED a draft because there were plenty of college age Republicans in 2004. I would start with those little shits that were in the front row at Kerry’s 04 Cinncinati rally slapping flipflops together and not even letting him speak. That would be right after Bush’s two daughters. If they would get behind Bush’s war, things might be different…..

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