Just Give Me Some Truth

Thinking About John Lennon

Four-hour memorial tribute to John Lennon this morning on “Breakfast With The Beatles,” the 38th anniversary of his death. Listening, I found myself wondering what John might have done if he’d lived as long as I have.

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In his songs Lennon told the truth about himself, about what he saw and thought, how the world truly appeared to him, and he told it without holding back, without the songwriter’s artifice. Yet his songs stand the test of time not only as personal expressions, which they are, but also as songs, part of the great pop soundtrack of a generation (or two).

He was still finding himself when he was murdered. I guess a restless soul like his would have continued the quest, maybe all the way to today. I’m sad today that he’s gone, and happy I had a chance to get to know him through his music.

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