Living With War

I have been listening online to Neil Young’s powerful new CD “Living With War,” and I am deeply moved.

Neil Young
Since “For What It’s Worth” and “Four Dead in Ohio,” Neil Young has always been there speaking his mind, putting his career and his reputation on the line to say what needs to be said, what so many believe and what a lot of his peers are too busy or too afraid to say. Thank God for men like him, and to hell with the Republican attack dogs who will try to diminish this statement by saying Neil was born in Canada, so he has no right to protest. (What bullshit!!) Listening to this music is inspiring, and I hope a lot of people start now getting inspired. There is a lot of work to be done to clean up the horrible mess our “leaders” have created in the past six years, and it’s going to take a whole lot of inspiration, energy, focus and, yes, anger.

“Living With War” is an exhilarating experience. Old guys like me remember what power can be generated with music. Now you’ll get to feel it too.

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5 Replies to “Living With War”

  1. I heard him doing one of the songs on Conan O’Brien, but I don’t remember which. It seemed poignant, like so many Neil Young songs, and musical, of course. I was kind of dazed by him being on that Squid Show! I don’t chase music these days, but if I did, this would be the one, I think.

  2. Ron – You need to get back to chasing music. And yeah, it would be strange to see Neil on “straight” TV.

    Dick – You’re welcome.

    Laurie – I’m glad you like. Aside from the political content, it’s in that old Crazy Horse style. The raw rock’n’roll that I love so much…

    Brent – I never know when you’re gonna pop up. I haven’t heard Springsteen’s, except for a few seconds on a TV promo, and it did sound good. But, “the Seeger sessions” indeed. If Seeger was a bazillionaire.

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