President Bush

Well, what the fuck. The Republicans have just been projected winners in Ohio and Alaska, putting them at 269 Electoral College votes. This means I have again overestimated the intelligence of the American voter. I don’t see how we could have had a worse president than this Howdy Doody look-alike. The only thing we had going for us, I thought, is that we could always tell ourselves and the rest of the world that Bush and company backed into it, or that they stole the White House. And yet they get elected to commit further mayhem! Now we must face that we have intentionally brought this upon ourselves.

I predict that Bush’s constitutional amendment banning gay marriage will not come to pass. Bush’s handlers don’t want to waste their time on stuff like that, when there are countries to invade and money and oil to steal. But acting like they supported it was effective in getting out the bigot vote, 2004.

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