Revenge of the Dog

Well, who could have seen this coming? After “firing” Omarosa Manigault-Newman three times on his old game show, then hiring her for real as a “senior advisor” before canning her one last time, here she comes with a tell-all book about her year in the White House, and she’s apparently armed with a suitcase full of recordings that she made on the sneak while she worked there. Maybe Donald should have fired her personally, instead of having John Kelly do it in the Situation Room, because what he’s got on his hands now is, well, a Situation. At least he could have offered her hush money on the spot, instead of having his daughter-in-law Lara do it — apparently too late.

Speaking of hush money, taxpayers had been forking over $179,000 a year to have Omarosa “advising” the Prez, although no one seems to know exactly what her job was. When you “lose” on a TV game show, you don’t really lose. You got to be on television, you probably got free travel to the show, and accommodations while shooting, and boom! There’s your 15 minutes of fame. On Trump’s game show, “yer fired!” was nothing more than a catch phrase, the punchline to a made-up story played out by actors who knew how it was going to end. But when you get fired from a “real” job that pays annually more than most Americans earn in four years, well, now you’re pissed off, am I right?

Looks like our Celebrity Apprentice President is learning that he should have been a little more diligent in keeping his campaign promise to “drain the swamp.” Because now, whenever he sticks his toe into those murky waters around the Oval Office, he’s likely to pull his foot out with an alligator attached to it.

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