The New Look

Hope you like the new look of revision99.

I’ve changed to the “Elegant Grunge” template by Michael Tyson. A few days ago I updated my platform to the very latest version of WordPress (version 2.8.4), and became painfully aware that my old template — “Letterhead” by Robin Hastings — was simply too outdated to continue using. The WordPress community works tirelessly and endlessly to improve the platform, and those generous souls who develop and release templates for all of us non-coders to use sometimes get left behind. I loved the Letterhead template. It was clean and simple and easy to read. But the features that have been incorporated into the new WordPress are just not usable in the older templates, and most of us bloggers have neither the time nor the knowledge to update them ourselves.

So now I have this new look.

It will probably require some tweaking to get it working the way I want. The first thing I have to do is make this text black. The default color is some hip grayish color that probably pleases the designer’s eye, but, really, it’s a little hard to read, don’t you think? There will be other changes I will have to make, and they will come slowly since I will be figuring out how to edit the template as I go. So please bear with me, and also let me know if you find stuff in revision99 that is broken or doesn’t display correctly on your screen.


UPDATE: Text is now black. Woohoo.
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7 Replies to “The New Look”

  1. Bill – I wanted to have my own domain, and be the master of it. I wanted to learn how to do some geeky stuff — working directly on the server, setting up MySQL databases, using FTP to upload files, etc. What finally got me to make the change was when Blogger put up that “Flag This” button, effectively opening the door for anybody to be able to censor my writing. I wrote about the changeover here, if you’re interested.

    PS: I changed the text color to black. Don’t know what the designer was thinking, but I know he’s in his twenties, so his eyes probably work better than mine.

  2. Pale gray text seems to be all the rage these days. Irritates the hell out of me. So there.

    Thank you for changing it to black. And for the record, I think your new look here is cool. Rad. Neat. Groovy. You know.

  3. Gnightgirl – Thanks! Some day I’ll have enough time to learn how to code in PHP, so I can create my own templates. Until then, all I can take credit for is a few weeks of searching and experimenting to find this one. (I did make my own header logo, though, and figured out how to get it on the page…)

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