War in Iraq: Third Anniversary

I won’t bother to crank up an indignant rant about this.

The Bush Administration has started something in Iraq that has gotten completely out of control. Tens of thousands of human lives have been ended (including a couple thousand of our own), many many more crippled and maimed. The financial burden stands at over 350 billion dollars, at the same time that ill-advised tax cuts for the wealthy make it unlikely that we’ll be able to pay the bill. And the reasons given for the attack have proven to be untrue, if not outright lies.

Americans are fed up. No one believes President Bush any more, but he persists in his folly, staging photo-op maneuvers in Iraq and mounting PR campaigns to convince us that this adventure is worthwhile, or even important.

A basketball coach who screwed up this badly – assuming he didn’t get fired – would be rethinking, regrouping and reorganizing the team and the strategy. Why is Bush so stubborn in the face of all the evidence? Is he in it for the oil and war profits that he and his family and his friends are gaining? Does he really think he can force Western-style democracy on the Middle East? Or is he just plain stupid?

Whatever it is, this is one anniversary I hope I don’t see again.

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13 Replies to “War in Iraq: Third Anniversary”

  1. Glad to see you trying to calm yourself. Flipping your lid can be therapeutic, but also hazardous. I’ve gotten to where I don’t care if the sun don’t shine (Texas aphorism).

  2. If the war were only a game, we’d have replaced him as our coach long ago. Our fears allow us to overlook his inconsistencies, rule violations, unsportsmanlike behavior, and winning-at-all-costs attitude. The way we let him get away with it, you’d think it was the American way.

  3. Ron – If the sun didn’t shine, at least we wouldn’t have to worry about global warming.

    Theresa – Sometimes it does look like a game, doesn’t it?

    Dick – Maybe it’s time to take the White House away from the Texans.

    Steph – Kind of like a burp?

  4. This reminds me of an email I received earlier in the week. Sandra Day O’Conner was talking about the how it looks more and more like we are living in a dictatorship. Scary huh! If you are interested I can dig it up and forward it on.


  5. Jayne – Would you suggest a cabernet, or a merlot?

    A. Reigns – Welcome! On the radio this week I heard that Ms. O’Connor now admits to praying for the election of George W. Bush in 2000, a prayer that she ultimately made come true. So fuck her if she’s having second thoughts. Everybody with half a brain knew that George II was not presidential material.

  6. I never thought we’d see that many people being fed up, because after all, half the votes supported his second term. Seeing people angry gives me hope. Anger now, action next.

  7. Shephard – Just barely half the votes. And some of them were stolen. And all the votes added up to (optimistically) only 60% of the potential voting population. Bush’s “victory” was by less than 2.5%, with 40% of voters not bothering to go to the polls. Since Democrats and progressives still outnumber Republicans and neocons, one assumes that the election would have gone the other way if “we” had all voted. But the negative campaigning, fear-mongering and voting fraud of the Right won the day.

    Let’s not let it happen again.

  8. oh yeah…. and let’s not even get into the current administration’s attitude towards science, especially what researchers are saying about GLOBAL WARMING.


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