Yes He Can

I think tonight is the night Barack Obama won the presidency.

Senator Clinton’s win in Indiana was by the thinnest of margins, while Obama’s win in North Carolina was commanding. He is now ahead in pledged delegates as well as states won. Mrs. Clinton has been trying to say that she has momentum because of her win last month in Pennsylvania, and that she is ahead in the popular vote if we “count all the votes,” meaning those in Florida and Michigan. The latter argument was flimsy and would have been vigorously contested by Obama’s campaign. Clinton might still try to tie things up in the DNC rules committee and credentials committee, but as of tonight, Obama can give her Florida and Michigan, where he wasn’t even on the ballot and where they knew their primaries would not count, and still be ahead in the popular vote.

Mrs. Clinton’s only hope is to convince most of the remaining uncommitted superdelegates that she has a better chance of winning in November than Obama, but that argument will fall on deaf — or at least disinterested — ears.

And in view of her weak showing tonight, her funding will probably dry up, leaving her deeply in debt and at a distinct disadvantage against the Obama money machine.

I have tried to remain neutral in this since my guy John Edwards dropped out, and I would still vote for Clinton if she became the nominee. But now that it’s over I realize I have been pulling for this outcome for quite a while. Obama is a strong candidate, an intelligent man who doesn’t talk down to the electorate (like I would). I have said all along that a Democrat will win the White House this time.

Despite what various Democratic commentators and partisans have been saying, John McCain isn’t really more of the same, but after this disastrous administration, just being a Republican is the kiss of death. McCain would be well-advised not to let it get too dirty, so he can retire with a little dignity.


Thanks to you Precious Few who are enjoying my story of how my roommate and I saved the world from Richard Nixon. I really can’t tell you how much it means to me. I took a break from it tonight to watch the election returns, and tomorrow night I have a gig (old guys ROCK!), so I’ll be getting to the next installment on Thursday night, Friday at the latest.

Coming soon: Nixon doesn’t like our whiskey, and makes us buy his brand.

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5 Replies to “Yes He Can”

  1. Well said.

    I was also resigned to voting for Hillary Clinton if she got the nomination. I wouldn’t have been happy, but that doesn’t matter. As Democrats, we can’t afford to shoot the party — and our country — in the foot by refusing to vote for any candidate but the one we like best. That’s just plain dumb, and I hope those Dems out there who are saying things like that will snap out of their selfishness and be the smart people they really are.

    Did that make sense?

    Anyway, personally I’m glad that Obama made such a decisive showing last night. I’m pleased and relieved.

  2. I agree with everything you wrote in this post, Larry Jones.

    I woke up at 4am and turned on the news, saw the outcome in both states and knew Hillary was done. But, she’s loaned her campaign $6+ million today. I haven’t said (or really felt this way before) but, she really needs to give it up. No use sinking more money down a black hole, if you ask me.

    And I do *not* agree with anyone who says that the two of them should be on the same ticket. I think that’s crazy talk!

    I’m actually SICK AND TIRED of hearing both of their names right now. I need a break from it. That means I won’t be turning MSNC on for at LEAST two days.

    On a different note. I am also really enjoying your Dick Nixon series.

    Hurry up and finish!

  3. I voted for Hillary in our primary mostly because I felt she has the chops to withstand the crap-that’s-coming from the Repug Party. She, as First Lady, had a ring side seat to what the R creeps can do, training while waiting sort of thing.

    I fear for Obama. Of course I will support his campaign but I hope they can keep the crackers more than a mile from him.

    John Kerry only got a thimble of grief compared to what the Repugs will unleash against Obama. Ugly is a-comin’.

    If we are lucky perhaps a Obama presidency will change the tenor of our society and put the Coulter-Limburger jackals back in the pound or on Mars.

  4. Do you have any trouble with tinnitis (ringing in the ears)? I read it may have to do with ossification of the middle ear, aggravated by years of high decible abuse.

  5. John – I have a hearing loss after 40 years of rock’n’roll, but no ringing in the ears. For most purposes the hearing loss is not much of a handicap. In some situations, it’s better not to know what people are saying.

    Wren, BG, Bill – I’ve always said I’m down with whomever wins the nomination, with no ill will toward those who made it a great and historic race.

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