Reminder: It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

I’m too busy to rant today.

If you need to be ranted at, you might want to check Ian Masters’ article at The Huffington Post. Just a taste:

…I’m told by sources involved that our Special Forces are already in Iran preparing for a pre-emptive strike, not against nuclear targets, but against the mullahs and their Revolutionary Guards. Trick or treat? Regime decapitation from invisible B2’s, with smart bombs sent by dumb leaders, surgically guided by lasers on the ground to smite evil in an October surprise. Another quick victory followed by a slow defeat from our wartime president who wins elections but loses wars.

The moral is – don’t take the Republican meltdown for granted. If they were honorable they’d concede this midterm election and go off somewhere to do penance and think about what they’ve done, and how they need to change to atone for their malfeasance. But all they really care about is holding on to power, and they could do anything to make that happen, up to and including vote fraud, voter intimidation, fake terror attacks, fake “intelligence” reports from North Korea and actually sending troops to Iran.

National revulsion at the antics of Mark Foley and the Republican leadership notwithstanding, in Karl Rove’s office it ain’t over yet, so stay focused, talk it up, register, vote and get your friends to do so.

This goes for you, too, Blue Girl.

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