17 Replies to “A Lot of Damned Nerve”

  1. WARNING: The blue button represents three minutes and eight seconds of your life that you will never get back.

    Don’t be so modest. That was wonderful. And as soon as I can take a break from re-architecting this thing I’m integrating into the new visionary project I’m working on, I’m gonna link to it.

  2. You are all too kind. And you’ll all be glad to know that thanks to some experimental meds and intensive rehab I am getting over my obsession with that song. I no longer ask people in the lunch room at work “Didja hear about Louie Miller?” or snap at folks in the supermarket “Hey! The line forms on the right, Babe!”

    But I still hope one day to be as pretentious as Kevin Spacey.

  3. Dear Larry Jones

    Great job! I just have one two-part question, Who is that man in the mirror and what is da measure of a man? I am visiting with Tank Barstow. He has made this connection. I am so glad to hear that you and Mrs. Jones are doing well. Tank said he’ll call you to set a date for bowling.

  4. Ya know, as a long time Darin fan and the owner of a Darin website, I gotta tip my hat to you. Certainly, Bobby’s rendition is the definitive one, and the reason so many people have since recorded the tune. But your reading shows real swing, depth and talent. Far too many people miss the point that you need to throw some of yourself into a song like this. Nice work, indeed!

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