Cheap Filler

I’m at the start of what promises to be a very busy week…
Big Smile
…what with my crummy job and writing one stinking line of my protest song every three or four days. Also, I am keeping things brief, as I stated in my previous post.

So. since you were kind enough to come here and see what I had to say, and since I have almost nothing to say, I give you this link to a very funny page of (mis)interpretations of DHS (Dep’t. of Homeland Security) signage.

The picture above is a generic hott guy whom I found on Google, using the search term “hot men.” Don’t try that at work, folks. I really meant, after my callous and beastly previous post, to find a picture of a really hot guy, someone that I myself would find attractive if I found men attractive. But I ran out of time, and thus the quick and dirty Googling. This one’s good-looking enough (perhaps a reader can let me know for sure), but he wouldn’t be my choice. For one thing, I think he’s laughing at me. Uproariously.

Click here for the humor, and remember my love goes with you, but not to the bathroom.

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8 Replies to “Cheap Filler”

  1. If you REALLY loved me- you WOULd accompany me to the bathroom! (-;

    For some reason, the instant that I saw that photo, I thought of Aydreeyin- he has a similar smile as Ay did in one of his old profile pix (actually, I think it’s the one he uses for “Graceless” with the devil horns). He also has similar coloring (hair & skin tone). Hmmmm….maybe you could somehow post those 2 pics side by side for comparison?

  2. t1 – You will recall that it was Aydreeyin who jumped on the picture in the previous post (“I likey the cheese cakey!”) and Aydreeyin with the crude suggestion (“How ’bout a pic of me in assless chaps holding gardenias?”), so this picture is kind of in his honor.

    As far a posting an A-B picture comparison, that’s up to him. I’m sure he’ll be glad to satisfy your curiosity, in any way you choose.

  3. I don’t want any humor to come to the bathroom with me. Eventually somebody’d be bound to bring a digital cameraa and holler, “Wait’ll everybody gets a load of this!” I go to the bathroom to dispose of a load, not to hear one! Love can come to the bathroom with me, if need be, though I suspect it might destroy the mood for most people. I’m surprised that Homeland Security hasn’t been here already.

    Have a good time in there, Larry.

    p.s. We knew you couldn’t write a song quickly. Relax, maybe it’ll just drop out unexpectedly, like in any bathroom.

  4. Those are no patties- those are my muffins….(-;

    I actually didn’t read Ay’s comments in the prior post, but I find his suggestion of a photo of himself in assless chaps holding a bouquet of gardenias to be very humorous……o-:

  5. Well I appreciate you thinkin’ of the ladies, Larry, I really do. I can only imagine what must have come up when you did that google search–gay porn out the ears! 😀

  6. t1 – Sorry. I said “Let’s see your patties.” I assumed that’s what you were showing us.

    Steph – What I discovered was very… urbane.

    Theresa – I’ve missed you. Yeah, they dropped references to duct tape because of its’ potential use in kinky sex scenes. They are bringing honor back to paranoid hypervigilance.

    Do want the guy to come to you for evaluation?

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