Clocking Out

Au revoir, my friends.

Last week I went away to attend a graduation, and I was completely disconnected from the internet for almost four days. I got so far behind in the daily serial that is my bloggin’ buddies’ lives that I felt guilty. Every blog I visited had three or four (or five) posts that I had not read. I was not just disconnected from the internet. I felt like I had been disconnected from life itself.

I tried to catch up, but I am hopelessly behind. Whatever was discussed is gone forever, and I am destined always to be out of the loop when references are made to the occurences of that long weekend. Oh, wait. I’ve been out of the loop since Reagan was shot, anyway, so what’s new?

Now, the very next weekend, I have another graduation. This one is right here in my town, and the wrap party is right here in my house. Due to the close family connection of this graduate (my niece), many relatives are descending on my town, and I will be entertaining them, probably every second from Friday early in the morning (who flies at 6:30 AM? My sisters.) until late Sunday evening. My only plans for entertaining all these people is a backyard party and barbecue on Saturday. Other than that all I’ve got is getting ready for the party, and cleaning up after the party.

The party might not be so bad, because my niece may have hot teenage girlfriends, and I have made it clear that there will be no underage drinking at my home. So I’m assuming they will be loaded to the gills when they get here, and you never know what those crazy kids will do.

So again I will be out of the blogging loop, in the dark, incommunicado. Naturally, I’ll be right here close to my computer much of the time, so I might be able to sneak in and check some blogs. But I have a large, demanding family, and I’m not in any way ready to throw a party for hot teenage girls (OK, and boys), so with all the last-minute running around I will be doing I anticipate that I will be offline again for the next few frantic days.

I’m guessing this is going to be mildly disappointing to about eight people. I don’t seem to have as many readers as Pops, or MPH, or Theresa, and they (you) don’t seem to be as fiercely loyal. But they make up for that with their intense, uh, their, ah, occasional mild curiosity, or something. Maybe. I’m not jealous or anything. All those people who don’t visit me here, well, it’s their loss. This really is one of the only places on the internet where “to, two, too, there, their and they’re” are never misused, and all apostrophes are placed correctly. Oh. Maybe that’s why no one visits me here.

Well, I just thought I should let you know. About my upcoming busy weekend and all. Busy, busy, busy.

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10 Replies to “Clocking Out”

  1. I have been loyal to you ever since discovering your wormy little soul. So, there. Some bloggers (like the young woman from dangerous Iran) disappear without a word and that’s worrisome, more so than your antics so far. Don’t do anything weird, unless it involves a teenage girl and a T-bird!

  2. When the party is over and the hoopla has died down, and you’re sitting at your desk completely wiped out from the fun and festivities, you’ll be so glad to blog again. And so what if much has passed you by? Every day is a new world here in Bloggerville. You just jump into the river and start swimming. Ah, the analogies are killing me.

  3. Glad to hear you aren’t leaving permanently. You’ve been one of my favorite bloggers for a while. Your wit and musicianship are well appreciated.

    That said, enjoy your downtime!

  4. You scared me for a minute, Larry. I also at first thought you were taking off for good.

    Don’t get too down on yourself about your apparent lack of readers. Blogs that focus on celebrity bashing and dick jokes will always get more commenters than blogs that are more nuanced and serious. I’m not trying to belittle anyone else’s blog, mind you. My blog is titularly devoted to a quasi-celebrity’s anilingus, so I’m not one to throw stones.

    Most popular blogs have posts that are quick to read and are easily internalized. They’re kind of like blog candy. (I usually put myself into this category.) But your blog is well-written and insightful. My daily dose of Pops takes about five minutes out of my day. Not so, my daily dose of Larry J. Once or twice I’ve teased you about the “homework” involved with your blog. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Not commenting doesn’t mean we’re not reading. I read nearly every post, but I comment on less than half of them because I frankly feel outclassed. I read your posts and I think things like “Damn, that was good. What the hell can I say to that?”

  5. OK. Clearly, fishing for compliments works. Yesss! And you are all kind enough not to mention that I was fishing for compliments. So thanks to you all, and I’m sorry I was unclear about how long I was going to be out of the blogging business.

    Ron – There’s a young woman from Iran? Who?

    Adreeyin – This is a strange kind of fun, in which I work harder than I do at my crummy kob, except I must keep a perpetual smile on my face. I just hope there will be hot teenage girls (I will not molest them, though, because that would be wrong.).

    No Bad Days – I listen and learn at your feet, and I don’t mean that in a kinky way.

    Brent – I really can’t imagine ever stopping this thing, although it has to happen some day, I guess. I figure it’s only a matter of time before someone offers to pay me if I’ll just quit posting.

    D’Cat – Thank you. I know I must be philosophical about this whole thing. In a way, I’m amazed that I have found such interesting “friends” through blogging.

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