Flood Channel rescue

Every time it rains in Los Angeles, someone falls in the flood channel.

As noted here, there is no good reason for this, except that it makes for an excellent couple of hours of reality TV, as a million firemen try to save the clown while the video cameras roll. Anyone who wants to see this spectacle, please tune in to The Today Show on Tuesday, January 11 (NBC). Our local NBC affiliate has been teasing the fact that one of the numbskulls who fell in and got rescued is going to be interviewed, hopefully by America’s cutie pie Katie Couric. They have some great footage of the rescue. This will be good television, people.

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2 Replies to “Flood Channel rescue”

  1. I can’t be sure of this, but for the sake of the hopeful women who might have thought the guy is a dish, I imagine that he’ll have his pants on for the interview.

    That “blurring” business is American TV’s solution to every problem. I bet if George Bush acted like a fool and fell in the river and lost every stitch of his clothing that the news networks would just blur out his butt and his penis and try to sound sanctimoniously prim and proper while they they showed the film clip 50 times a day and milked it for all it was worth. The primo network would be the one who could get a female reporter to the scene the fastest and have her saving over and over again, “I just can’t believe what I’m seeing!” Not that I care who laughs at our president.

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