There is a moment – do you know this moment? – as you pass another, when, quite by accident, your eyes meet.

Maybe, just this once, for just an instant, because these moments are not really ours to keep, you see not just her eyes, but into her eyes, past the barrier that is always there, because we must keep it in place, we must protect our secret selves. Guile falls away like stained glass shattered and in that instant you can see worlds of hope and feel untold touches. And in that moment, too, you are revealed, your clothes and skin torn off, your fear, your need, your dark desire, even the smoldering beauty in your heart is exposed, for a moment.

You may not realize this has happened. You may mistake it for something else, a sudden chill that shakes you hard once. But for just that instant, sounds fade away and your heart, your breathing and everything else may seem to slow impossibly.

Then everything starts up again, the spinning, the chatter, the static and traffic.

Watch for this moment. It might be your chance to step from this world into another graceful galaxy. If you miss it, who knows if it will come around again?

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6 Replies to “Galaxy”

  1. Sometimes I have these moments when I’m passing strangers on the street and I think “Why shouldn’t I love you?” It’s always comforting to hear that sentiment in someone else’s words, and yours are beautiful.

  2. I like the idea of this & the fact that there are other people out there who notice & savor flashing moments such as these. This is what keeps me going, the kind of ambiguously exhilarating interaction/connection that I live for…..thanks for this lovely articulation of it

  3. Just a hippie flashback from my days and nights riding the trolleys in San Francisco. Who knows how many windows of opportunity I missed? Thank you to those precious few who liked it. And I do mean precious.

  4. I loved this one. In a slightly different context, I often think that “The One” for me is wandering around out there somewhere, and OH! I hope he’s ok, I hope life’s treating him well.

    And…I hope he’s not a fetus, as we speak.

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