Good Rockin’ Tonight

Music is the theme this week.
The blogs I read are all about it. They are going to concerts, gloating about their new theme songs, planning to get back to it, getting ready to jump into it, worrying if their taste is hip enough – some bloggin’ buddies are even sharing songs with me, all totally legally, of course. [Update, March 3: Even the fabulous Breakup Babe has joined a band!]

I am a fallen-away musician myself. I used to do it for a living, but the living wasn’t that easy, and after a long time, I gave it up in order to make money. The money hasn’t completely satisfied me however, and for the past few months I have been jonesin’ for a jam.

The universe must have noticed this, because in recent days I have had no fewer than three offers to sit in at local jam sessions. I have actually gone and done this twice, and it is as good as sex (if I remember sex accurately). God, I had almost forgotten the glory of electric guitar! And now, playing just for fun, it seems better than ever. All pressure is off, and only the joy remains.

I do miss the ritual Wearing of the Tight Pants, however (see photo), and the sensation that the whole world is dancing just for me. But for now rippin’ a few good licks with like-minded players is positively transporting.

Also, this moves the Michael Jackson post down out of sight. I am deeply sorry about that one.

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13 Replies to “Good Rockin’ Tonight”

  1. I’m so excited for you! I love going out to listen to jam sessions. It seems like that’s where all the interesting people are. It’s obvious when the musicians are really happy about what they are doing. It’s wonderful to see and hear.

    FYI – Everyone knows that clothes don’t make the man. It’s what’s under the tight jeans that count!

  2. Brent – Yeah, I’m hanging on to it until narrow, bright yellow neckties return to fashion. I got rid of the red pants, though.

    Kung Pow Pig – Of course. All the time. Although not as often since I got rid of the red pants.

  3. Dang Larry, why didn’t you tell us you were in Dire Straits? That is a mightly potent ensemble, I must say. Were those pants really that hot-pink color? You go!

  4. Brent – Not everyone would agree…
    KPP – My pleasure. Literally.
    Steph – Pants were red. Lights were purple. (You’re the artist. You figure out what color the lights must have been to make the pants look pink.)

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