Gravatar, Schmatavar

Congratulations, precious ones!

It was a long wait, but everyone who tried to entertain me by getting their own globally recognized avatar has, at long last succeeded, and may I say I am thoroughly entertained now. You are all beautiful: Theresa, Ron, Blue Girl, Emma Goldman and Blanca (and need I add Laurie, Jayne and Shephard, the original three? I didn’t think so.).

If I had known how long this would take and how frustrating the process would be for some of you, I wouldn’t have brought it up a second time. Although it seems to me that if anyone really loved me they would have paid attention to my first post on this topic, instead of waiting for me to beg.

But, bottom line, Jones is having a thoroughly good time with this, and I thank you all for playing. The second post has so far generated 40 comments, which might be a record for this blog. No doubt most of the comments were just folks typing any old thing, just to see if their new avatar was working yet, even though I think I mentioned in the post and in a comment that you don’t have to do that – your avatar will show up on your existing comments once it’s approved and activated. If you were really just sharing some love, all the better. I salute you and I smooch you. Except where inappropriate. Then I just shake hands with you.

Now go forth to other blogs and impress other, better bloggers than I with your avatars. Just don’t try it on Blogger. And speaking of Blogger – now that I’ve left that fold, I think they should buy and install new servers for it so it wouldn’t take two f*cking weeks to get a picture of yourself on your comments.

And now, here’s my alter-ego, the first picture I took of myself with my web cam, and from which I derived my own avatar.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Krazy-Eyed Killer:

Krazy-Eyed Killer
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15 Replies to “Gravatar, Schmatavar”

  1. Larry, Did you see the “Krazy-Eyes-Killer” episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm? That one was one of my favorites.

    Are you my caucasion? Are you my caucasion?

    You could call my gravator Krazy-eye-Killer.

    Although my gravatar was rated *G*. Quite the wholesome gravatar, I should say! Approved for all audiences!

  2. I wonder what Gravatar is worried about, that people would select pictures of genitalia for their pix? I wonder if every employee has to take a turn or if there’s one staid man or woman who does it all?

  3. Shake hands the way Ben said, to Mr. Robinson, that it had been like shaking hands with Mrs. Robinson? I’ll take the smooch, in any case; not so much with the salute.

  4. I am thrilled to see my bug-eyed green creature. I may change him, but for now he seems appropriate: a creepy little thing that croaks in the night, annoying people and not being heeded. By the way, I did some research on Blanca Basura and learned that it is the name of some band somewhere. So I must change my nom de keyboard to something else. How does Juan Cuspidor sound?

  5. Blue Girl – Damn you effete rich liberals and your thoughtless easy access to HBO!

    Ron – I’m pretty sure they’re worried primarily about what you’ll do if they don’t watch you very carefully.

    Goldie – Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs. Goldman?

    Blanca – In October of 2004, the last word or combination of words was used as somebody’s screen name. Over 90 billion names have been registered and there are simply no more choices, unless you include certain dialects of Klingon, so you might as well be happy with what you’ve got.

    kStyle – Sock puppet bunnies forever! It’s the default icon at revision99 for those who don’t have gravatars. {It won’t really last forever, but it won’t change soon soon.)

  6. Huh? What did you say, Larry? What?

    I can’t hear you cuz the sun roof on my limo is open.

    Sure is noisy when my driver insists on keeping that dang thing open, so that I may have a tad of fresh air.

  7. Awww, I was away for like a week, and I missed the whole thing! I won’t bother since I have an uber-lame blogger blog. But it’s where I started as a rookie, and all my peeps know me there. Anyway, I love this blog, so I just thought I’d check in and say hey.

  8. Yeah, i wasn’t going to touch that gravatar thing with a 10-foot pole. And sure enough, I didn’t. Sorry I’m not part of the gang, but I’m a busy woman! And that crazy-eyed killer pic is really, really scary…

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