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Wow, I forgot I had a blog!

Missing Head My head has been in the sand. Well, not in the sand. I don’t know where it’s been. You know how it is – you get busy doing something else, then when you turn back, your head is gone. Off who knows where, doing who knows what with who knows whom. That’s what happened to me, and I still haven’t found my head. I have nothing to say, and everything. I won’t be able to fit it all in, though, so here’s some Random Jottings:

  • I am freaked out that down in San Diego, where Republican Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham got caught taking bribes and is actually doing time, they went ahead and elected another Republican to take his place. I was hoping the voters there would be sending a message to the Repubs that the party is over. But it’s a Republican district, and I guess reality has yet to set in there.
  • I heard Billy Collins, former Poet Laureate of The United States, on Fresh Air (NPR) this evening. He’s an interesting guy, and one of the things he said was that he likes to get bored. The reason for this is that he has discovered that his bursts of creativity always follow periods of no action. He thinks he needs to have nothing going on for a while, and then his mind starts working on his art. I’m not sure this same formula would work for me, but hey- he’s the (former) Poet Laureate. Maybe there’s something I can learn from him. I’ve always assumed I could live my life any way I wanted, allow an unlimited number of distractions, porn stars, copulating possums, stick people on the backs of SUV’s, and then sit down at a moments’ notice and write a snappy new song. Since that hasn’t been working for a while, maybe I need to try and figure out what are the best conditions for me, and then see if I can precipitate some creative juices.
  • I am shocked, shocked, that the Republicans have brought up gay marriage as an issue going into the midterm election season. Now that the evil, godless Democrats (along with seven apparently godless Republicans) have blocked the Senate from approving a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, the GOP can use it as a club to beat up liberals all the way to the polls this November. Jeez, can you guys be any more transparent? You don’t care about these things except at election time. And we know that you know that almost nobody else cares about them either – just a rabid minority of religious, bigoted right-wingnuts who will go out and vote for these wacky proposals and what’s this? Democrats on the ballot? Out with them!! I keep thinking this can’t possibly work again, but the voters keep shocking me. Is there some way I can denounce this behavior without implying that the electorate, whom I love, truly, is just plain stupid?
  • There are twenty-six bones in the human foot, mine included, and I guess I am going to break them all, one by painful one, before I am through, which must be coming pretty soon now. However, the Ace Bandage will have to go down as one of the great inventions of humankind, right after clumping kitty litter.
  • There are firings going on at work now. Our know-nothing corporate masters are “making some changes,” so what was previously just low morale has degenerated into abject fear. The Executive Manager is a dead man walking, and the underlings he brought with him are very nervous. People are gathering their personal items together, just in case. Account reps are slipping quietly into my office and casually inquiring if it would ever be possible to get the computer to spit out a list of their clients, with phone numbers and mailing addresses. Those who are not afraid are disgusted. Others, like me, are too numb to be anything other than bemused. Wish me luck, people, or I may be coming to live with one of you.
  • Hey, those wacky Scientologists are entering NASCAR racing! I can never read the stuff that’s screened onto the hoods of those cars. They’re moving, what? a hundred and fifty miles an hour, aren’t they? If it weren’t for the easily recognizable colors and logos of the various sponsors/purveyors of alcohol and tobacco, I would have no idea what’s being advertised. So how will I be able to decipher anything like the first chapter of L. Ron Hubbard’s book? And who the hell calls himself “L. Ron,” anyway? If you want to have a cool space alien or African-American name like Elron, just say it, man. Everybody knows you’re real name is Larry, the catch-all Hollywood code name for “dorky neighbor” or “gullible nincompoop.” Anyway, this could mean trouble for the auto racing world, because any team that beats them might find themselves named in a law suit.

I’m glad I got those things off my chest, and have also finally put the whole Gravatar thing behind me. I really have been having some Serious Thoughts lately, having to do with the meaning of life (well, my life, anyway), but I can’t seem to get around to writing them down. Then there’s that whole forgetting I had a blog thing, too, and the missing head. But I want you to know that I have been reading blogs – all of your blogs and more. I’ve been an active commenter too, here and there, so I feel like I’m doing my part to keep this whole 21st Century CB Radio thing going.

Next time: the Penguin-Ice Cream joke. Maybe.

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10 Replies to “Posing as a Post”

  1. Maybe the Republicans down in San Diego don’t have 26 bones in their foot. Or should I say, 52 bones in their feet — each. Whatever. The singular and plural usage of words in this comment may be screwed up.

    You’ll live!

    Maybe they each only have 25 bones and the missing bone is actually stuck in their brains. Causing them to suffer from incredible anger therefore seeing Red whenever a Democrat crosses into their field of vision.

  2. The Pub victory in S.D. indicates the importance (down there, at least) of the illegal-immigration issue.

    The Pub who ran is against the Senate “amnesty” bill, and made a big deal of that fact. He had two opponents who were also against the Senate bill, so the Dem loss is even greater than one would think by looking just at him and the Dem loser. But again, the issue was illegal immigration.

    In addition, the Dem screwed up big time by getting herself on audiotape telling a group of probable illegals that “you don’t need papers to vote.” And on another occasion, she was heard to say that illegals should not be treated as “second-class citizens.” Hello? By definition, they’re not citizens at all!

    All in all, with illegal immigration as the focus down there, in SAN DIEGO, the Dem did quite well, and the Pubs WERE shown the disgust of the electorate over Cunningham’s disgusting, pyschopathic behavior.

    So don’t feel too discouraged, at least on the matter of people’s disaffection with corruption. In San Diego, the issue is different: The DEM was a Bush supporter, and she lost!

  3. I should have added to the above that the Dem was an inept candidate, and the Pub had previously served for many years from another district. Plus, he was known to be a Newt supporter. More reasons to see great softness in this victory!

  4. If you get canned, you can stay with me for a while. Hopefully you won’t get canned, cuz living with me is probably not a highlight.

    Republicans are scared and rightly so. I hope they take a beating in November. I know that I will be voting against them as a matter of principle.

    Nascar is usually a little faster at 180 🙂 Just the right speed to run over a Scientologist.

  5. This is one of your most AWESOME posts since I’ve been reading you (which in the grand scheme of your blog hasn’t been long)! I laughed my ass off, which I could ill afford to do, since it’s a typical white chick ass. You do a fascinating job of letting people see all the different sides of you! I got canned a few months ago, and it was so much fun! Not the having-no-money part which I am still paying for, but the having free time to see friends and create art was a blast! You can come here and chill. I have clumping kitty litter and the cat to go along with it. We’ll keep you company.

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