Holiday Spirit

You people are not showing me any love.

I mean, can you not see my Christmas tree? (Hint: Top of the page, to the right of the banner. Blinking.) I spent at least an hour trying to set it up right in that spot and get it to blink at you, to brighten your holiday blog reading.

Hope you like it.

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17 Replies to “Holiday Spirit”

  1. I noticed it a while ago and I was very impressed. It was very inconsiderate of me not to have mentioned it. Please accept my sincere apologies.
    Would some eggnog and a smooch help you feel less wounded?

  2. What? I LOVE your tree! and I noticed it before you pointed it out, but I obviously have been remiss in mentioning it. (If it sang carols at me, however, I’d stab it with a ballpoint pen until it exploded. Just sayin.)

  3. It’s OK, I guess, but why can’t there be more presents underneath? This is Xmas, after all, and I’m thinking you’re not paying proper respects.

  4. Theresa – I’ll take the smooch, thanks.

    Goldie – I get it. Silent night.

    Laurie – …and fire-resistant, too.

    RonYou try making it blink, mister.

    Caravan Basura – It’s a magic tree. No matter how many presents you take, there are always more!

  5. I like the tree. I’ve also been admiring the bossa nova comment. To bridge the themes:

    Silent nights of silent stars/Silent chords from my guitar/floating on the silence that surrounds us/Silent thoughts and silent dreams/Silent walks by silent streams/And a window that looks out on Corcovado, oh how lovely….

  6. PS Here’s Caroling II

    ringchristmasbells-merrilyring-tellalltheworld-Jesusisking DING DONG DING DONG merrymerrymerryChristmas DING DONG DING DONG merrymerrymerry ringchristmasbells-merrilyringDING DONG

  7. Heheh… I thought you might say that. Alas, ’tis no such thing even here on teh North Coast yet this season. We’ve had one 4″ fall and away it’s melted.

    Odd. Quite.

    Happy Holidays regardless, eh!

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