8 Replies to “I Have No Words”

  1. The more I look at this thing, the weirder it gets. And yes, Holly, it was posted all over the building. I imagine the little functionary who made it thought he was helping those of us too stoopid to know about Pacific Standard Time.

  2. This makes me sick.

    What kind of fucking hell are we in?

    The only only only thing that would make me feel a tad bit better about this offense is that it was committed by the 8-year-old son of the night-time janitor who speaks no English.

    Is there anything to do?

    Anyone to remove?

    Anyone to tattle to?

    Does the CEO of your company know any better? Would he see this pathetic message — were you to send it to him — as a choking canary in the mine, and then clean out the debris at your location?

    Or would he track you down, o evil messenger, and yank from you your precious job?

    There’s no hope!

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