Is Donald Trump The Chosen One?

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

If there are any other atheists out there who need more reasons to keep religion OUT of matters of the state, Ed Kilgore outlines a few of them here. Many of Trump’s apologists are saying that Donald is not the self-involved, narcissistic ignoramus he appears to be. Rather he is “the chosen one,” whatever the fuck that means.

Admittedly, the folks Rick Perry is talking to (see Ed’s piece, linked above) are the crackpot extremist fundamentalist right-wingers, which is (I hope!) a relatively small slice of the fruitcake. They will believe whatever they want to believe, but the suggestion that Donald Trump is somehow annointed by God is a disturbing thought, to say the least.

I mean, if they really think Trump’s literally on a mission from the Supreme Lord of the Universe, 400 years on from the advent of The Enlightenment, is there anything he can do that will shake their support?

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