Life on the Edge

I may not be at 100% this week, a shame, since I have an Important Issue to deal with in this blog pretty soon. Yesterday, as my weekend drew to a close, I caught a cold. Or maybe the flu, I don’t know. Yet. I just know that at 6:30 PM, like a revelation, I knew I was under attack. I rarely get sick, and I’m a big crybaby when it happens, so I moped around until bedtime, then conked out hours earlier than usual.

Now, here at the office, I have many pills in me, and a big box of Kleenex Extra Soft Triple-Layer Tissue With Aloe and Vitamin E. Nos Mouchoirs les plus apaisants! These petty illnesses get me in my back. I can tell it’s not an injury or a strain: My lower back is under alien attack! White corpuscles are rushing to the scene, sirens blaring, but the enemy has arrived first and there are already many casualties. Oh, the humanity!

Since I am so near death anyway, I decided to live dangerously. I pushed the “Brew” button on the office coffeemaker before I put the coffee, the filter and the basket together! You read that right. I knew I would have only eight seconds to assemble the parts and shove the basket under the dripping, scalding hot water. Failure would lead to a big, scalding mess all over the lunch room, not to mention the shame as I mopped it up. It was a tremendous risk, but, hey, that’s the kind of guy I am. Delerious and delusional.

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2 Replies to “Life on the Edge”

  1. …ah, so it’s made it’s way to Seattle…very sorry to hear you have it, for, my friend, it is NO FUN…and it doesn’t go away easily, doesn’t go away quickly…the latest advice, from germany: cognac. a cure all.
    here’s to your health…

  2. J
    I’m in Los Angeles, but I do appreciate the sympathy. The coffee I almost spilled is Seattle’s Best, but I’m not sure how you could have sensed that and mixed it up with my location. Anyway, I intend to HAVE FUN with my sickness, and be back bouncing off the walls before the week is over. I got the white corpuscles on the job.

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