Maybe Someday

I need a break.

My previous post, Another Memorial, got me down and I still feel like shit. Many of the truths I believe are crappy, but I know that the world sux and I put it out of my mind and laugh and live my life. But after writing something like that I can’t forget it easily.

Making music has always been good therapy for me, so this past week I fired up my home recording system, which is basically just a PC with some special software on it, and recorded a song, just to get my mind free. I started from scratch, and I played and sang all the parts, except for the drums, which I sequenced. Extremely careful readers will know that this is a song I wrote a long time ago. I just thought it would be easier to (re)learn the recording process if I already knew the song.

It’s just an experiment, folks, but I have posted the project if you’d like to hear it. Just press”play” below.

Oh, yeah: The song is called Maybe Someday. Turns out it was good therapy, and it made me feel better.
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8 Replies to “Maybe Someday”

  1. I agree w/ all else, that was fun! You sound a little like Joe Walsh (“Life’s Been Good to Me So Far”)….I also LOVE your new profile pic…I don’t like ‘depressed Larry’ from the start of your post & I’m so glad you put your song at the end to pull me out of the funk I was in after reading about your depressed state….

  2. Those who liked it – I’m relieved you did. I tried really hard for a really long time to sell my music. Now I’m ready to give it away.
    Next, I have to write a 21st-century protest song, to stop this guy from whining.

    Adreeyin – This one was fueled not by beer, but by Black Velvet. Still, I’ll join you.

    t1 – I don’t stay depressed long. You know what will cheer me up, baby.

    Ron – Not naked, but before the picture was cropped, you could see that I had no pants on.

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