Up Against the Wall, 2005

Announcing the revision99
Protest Song UnContest.

OK, first go and read this post at the blog referred to by its author as “The blog lovingly referred to as ‘Heightened Thoughts.'” The guy’s all fired up because there ain’t enough modern revolutionary music, given that we live in times that are approximately as shitty and hopeless as the 1960’s and ’70’s, when there were all kinds of protest songs that caused what we now wistfully remember as “the Revolution.”

Completely aside from the fact that there really was no revolution in this country after 1776, and discounting the truth that there is a fairly hefty library of current music protesting the state we find ourselves in, I’ll play along for a while.

Hey, kids, let’s put on a show!

Well, OK, let’s not put on a show. But how about if we write a song? Here’s is the comment, somewhat abridged, that I left in the comment section of Heightened Thoughts:

OK, all you angry people. Here’s a challenge, for you and for me: Write a protest song for the 21st century, and I will put it to music and record it and post it. (I’m talking about lyrics here. If you can play and sing, do this yourself.)

Post your lyrics on your blog (make sure you notify me), or MPH’s comment section (again, you’ll have to notify me), or email me. Look at my profile to get my email address.

  • Your song can be a joke, or it can be serious, and you retain all rights to the words no matter what I do with them.
  • Of course you get full credit for your contribution whenever and wherever the song appears.
  • If more than one of you tries this, I get to pick which one to record.
  • If you want to give me a melody, try Audioblogger, or post something on some server somewhere and send me the link.

I am a child of the sixties, a blast from your past, and I am not only angry, I am drug-addled. I warn you: If no one sends me anything or posts anything, I will do this myself. We don’t want that, do we?

So, what is pissing you off about the status quo?

  • The religious right?
  • The lap-dog media?
  • The neocon hawks in D.C.?
  • Tom Delay?
  • Right-wing AM radio?
  • The rich getting richer?
  • Environmental destruction?
  • Governmental invasion of privacy and disregard for human rights?
  • Anti-stem cell research bullshit?
  • Abrogation of international treaties?
  • Institutional homophobia?
  • Corporate scandals?
  • Is there more???? Of course there’s more!!
  • Stolen elections?
  • Globalization?
  • Voter apathy?
  • Skinheads?
  • Longhairs?
  • Job outsourcing?
  • Drug laws?
  • Big fat smug politicians with lifetime paychecks and excellent health benefits fucking with your meager Social Security plan?
  • The pumps don’t work ’cause the vandals took the handles?

Write it down!!

Here’s your chance to express yourself. It would be good if it has verses and a memorable chorus that we can sing over and over and over and over and over and over while we are marching on Washington. Rhyming is welcome, but optional. Naturally there has to be an unreasonable and arbitrary cutoff date for song submissions…

…So let’s say you have to send your song BEFORE SUMMER STARTS. That will be sometime on June 21.

OK? Bring it.

Oh, before I forget. Get over to Kristi’s blog if you want to read about hot pickup truck sex with virgin schoolteachers.

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15 Replies to “Up Against the Wall, 2005”

  1. I’m on it…the lyrics that is….but be forewarned, if it comes from me, it probably ain’t gonna rhyme- so prepare some weirdo chords to back me up….

  2. Haha great idea. I could pick at least 10 of those things listed but i’m not sure i’m talented enough to put it into song. I look forward to reading what others come up with though.

    You have to be the only 60’s child i’ve ever come across who doesn’t wax nostalgic about how much you all changed the world. What gives?

  3. Damn, this blog has a lot of homework. I’d love to participate in this, but I seriously doubt my lyrical abilities. Any chance I could get away with submitting Masters of War with a few words changed?

  4. I am protesting this protest song. I don’t have a musically talented bone in my body and I you know I don’t speak Spanish.

    Viva la revolucion!

    Hey. I do speak some spanish.

    But really, I’ll try. I’m not promising anything.

  5. Brent – That’s the revolutionary attitude, man. Burn it down!

    t1 – I’m OK with no rhymes. This is 21st century protest.

    MPH – Right on, bro. It was your post that started this.

    Holly – I will kiss whatever…

    Alex – I’m still changing the world. When I’m done I’ll get nostalgic about it.

    D’Cat – Now that Dylan is The Man, it’s fair to rip him off. I can take the heat if you can.

    Adreeyin – You’ll try?? Did you ever say that to your football coach? You’ll try?

    OK, people. This is not a test. You won’t be judged. It’s just for fun. Think of it as mooning the school bus. Embarrassing at first, maybe, but what a rush!


  6. This is too much work, especially for someone who doesn’t know nothing about songwriting. War, huh! What is it good for, absolutely nothing… Now I’m spent.

  7. I suck at writing lyrics, otherwise I would send in some VERY angry ones regarding the Evils of the religious right, Dubya, and lima beans

  8. Kristi – Off the pimps!

    Steph – Come on, babe. That line has real potential.

    L – Ha. I thought you said the Elvis of the religious right. But if you could link those three topics I would definitely put them to music.

  9. I’ve read the contest rules and thought about it, but I work so slowly that it’s probably something I can’t do quick enough. I’ll think about it some more, though. Oh, I just thought of something universal that’s swallowing the world as we know it. I’ll get to work.

  10. Here’s my uncontest entry. “Eve of Destuction” still works. Just change the names of a few places and bingo!
    — great job on “Maybe Someday” Why don’t you do more recording?

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