My Bad, Part 2

Did I lead off on Martin Luther King Day with a piece on The Beatles?

Not exactly, I guess, because I wrote my Monday morning post on Sunday night. Still, my bad. Let me just say that MLK is one of my lifelong heroes, and one of the most important and inspiring voices of the 20th century. I think his mug should be added to Mount Rushmore. Why do we kill these people?

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4 Replies to “My Bad, Part 2”

  1. This bleeding-heart liberal (me) also forgot about it and blew right past it and now I’m ashamed to own up to it. On my own blog, that is. Of course, I have seen one or two bits of evidence that some people have navigated from my blog over to yours, so I guess I’ll be discovered even if I don’t say anything. I may just give them your Permalink for today and tell ’em, “What he said!”

  2. I don’t think he’d want to be on Mt. Rushmore. Using the sacred grounds of a people you’ve conquered to carve the images of your own leaders–hmmm, he might find that problematic. I agree with you, though, that he’s a giant of the 20th century.
    In a recent graduate Rhetorical Criticism class we watched a video of his I Have a Dream speech, and I was amazed at how many students had never seen it. They knew a sound bite or two, but had never seen or heard the entire speech. Shouldn’t that be required somewhere in high school? Civics, History, Speech and Drama, English, somewhere?

  3. Ron — Don’t feel bad. As a member of The Platters once said to me, “We can’t BOTH be fabulous.”

    English Professor — I was using hyperbole to make the point that MLK deserves to receive high honor from our society. The “Dream” speech is a remarkable oration, and extemporaneous, too!

    Kung Pow Pig — That’s two references to love in two comments. Are you The Love Pig?

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