9 Replies to “Naked If I Want To”

  1. My dinosaur dial-up won’t download this in a timely manner. How’s that for alliteration?

    Walking naked down the street? Go for it!

    Pay for the amp? I would give it to you for free!

    That’s just the kind of mood I’m in today.

  2. I tried the play button on both IE 6 and Firefox, but no luck.

    When you walk down the street naked, LArry, will you be wearing your sneakers like all of the other nudists do?

    Oh, yeah…Remember to bring a towel, for when you want to sit down somewhere.

  3. “Play” button is now fixed, and links to Moby Grape’s 53-second opus from 1968, “Naked If I Want To.” (1 MB download). Sorry for the screw-up. I paid more attention to the button than the link.

  4. I love those old Filmore posters. They had a collection of them at the Wichita Art Museum last year. I got kicked out for taking pictures of them (and I even had a press pass… sheesh…)

  5. Shephard – Don’t get me started on the Painter of Light. But this pop art – they were just making posters for the coming week’s concert, but it’s crazy enough/weird enough/cool enough still to be interesting after all this time.

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