Please Come Home For Christmas

I’m a sap for all things Christmas.

The commercial trappings notwithstanding, I get all warm and affectionate toward my fellow man, and I suspect a lot of folks feel the same way. So Christmas is all right with me.

Here’s my Christmas song for this year. I spent about a week recording it, playing and singing all the parts, and I took the pictures myself, strolling around my neighborhood at Christmas time. The pix were taken last year, but all my neighbors are using pretty much the same decorations this year, so I think we’re cool.

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One Reply to “Please Come Home For Christmas”

  1. Larry, you made me smile with the song and your shots of your neighbors’ Christmas lights. Such a talented and warm-hearted man you are–and yeah, I know you’re snorting in disgust. Warm-hearted! Humbug! Ol’ fraud, you. Merry Christmas, friend.

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