Rest Room Repercussions

I can take a hint.

Careful readers will recall that I broke into the empty towel and toilet paper dispensers at my office a few weeks ago and illegally refilled them. I did this because it was looking like no one else was going to do it, and they were empty, and I couldn’t stand wondering how folks around here were managing to wipe their butts.

So today I found this in my mailbox at work:

So this is sort of a warning to you all, a corollary to the military axiom “Never volunteer for anything.” Never step up and do anything that needs to be done, even if no one knows you did it, or you will find yourself shopping for toilet bowl cleaning supplies.

And a programming note: Tomorrow morning (Friday, August 26) on the Today Show (NBC), Joss Stone performs live. I first heard this kid when she was just fifteen years old. She sang R&B and soul like a 60-year-old black woman. At eighteen, she’s still a little coltish in her stage persona, but her voice is dynamite. It looks a bit like some producer or manager behind the scenes is trying to make her into the Rhythm and Blues Britney Spears, but I don’t think that will happen, since she is a bit too real. And her voice is a phenomenon. It’s actually a little freaky to see and hear her. Your mind doesn’t want to accept it at first. Check it out while you get ready for work.
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8 Replies to “Rest Room Repercussions”

  1. Better buy some rubber gloves before you start cleaning those toilets, Larry Jones! 🙂 Oh, and since I watch the Today show every morning while dressing, I will certainly watch for Jos Stone. What a nice tip!

  2. I work in a social services building where the toilet paper gets stolen as fast as it’s replaced. Rest Room World could send over its entire planetary store of toilet paper, and it would barely make a dent. We could use a toilet paper fairy the likes of you, especially if you were willing to post guard afterwards.

    Joss is amazing, and yes, a little freakish. She sounds like she’s channeling someone.

  3. T1 – Yes, you get everything before us. But it’s not hip until we say so.

    Erin – Wait: Social Services – that’s helping people, right? And then they steal your toilet paper?

    kStyle – It’s not the songs. It’s the cute little girl belting the blues. So far, no R-E-S-P-E-C-T, but she may deliver some classics in the next few years. She certainly has the equipment.

    G.D. – I’ve got just the thing for your little knobs.

  4. Must have missed Ms. Stone, but I have been a fan for a couple of years now. First introduced to her through NPR (go figure) while driving along the Columbia River in Oregon.

    You would think that “Customer Favorites” and “Our Suggestions” be the same damn thing….

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