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  1. Who could do “what a faithful, thankful girl I’d be” better than Blane? In these more-aware days, human females stop thinking of themselves as girls around the age of 8, and even then, they would be too cynical and experienced to utter those words in such an ebullient, perky fashion. In her way, she was as irreplacable in her realm as was Walter Cronkite in his.

    On deeper reflection, though, I think I will change my mind and agree with your that Bobby Darrin’s “Mack the Knife” was just about the “best owned” song of any singer.

    And I’m thinking I should have mentioned Buffy Sainte Marie. And Leonard Cohen. And Fred Neil.

    But not Judy Collins.

    A long-ago roommate of mine — whose name was Larry, oddly enough — told me his technique for avoiding premature ejaculation: At the critical moment, he would think of Judy Collins.

  2. Man, this is so spot on! Indeed, Bobby did and does and always will own “Mack the Knife.” I love Louis Arsmtrong’s version, and am a great Louis fan, but Bobby came along and made this song his own–he also made it part of American culture. Only a handful of singers can claim that.

    I don’t know how much of a Darin fan you are, but you might be interested in some of the articles on my website, DarinLand.com.

    I have a couple of interviews with folks who knew and worked with Bobby, as well as features on his singles, his years at Capitol, his film career, and other stuff…

  3. Caravana, some trivia for you. Fred Neil played guitar on Bobby Darin’s demo of “Dream Lover” (And Neil Sedaka tinkled the ivories).

  4. Did Sedaka TICKLE the ivories, perhaps?

    I sure hope he didn’t tinkle ON the ivories!

    Thank you for the delightful trivia!

    And speaking of Neil Sedaka, who could better own “Calendar Girl”?

  5. Thats true. I heard awhile ago that a famous singer, I can’t remember who, was asked to sing “Mack the Knife.” So he listened to a tape of it with Bobby singing it and he said “What are you, crazy?” How am I going to top that?

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