Silver Nose

No matter how many times I read the letters “LOL” on the internet,

in chat rooms, IRC, blogs and email, I still get only a few opportunities a year to actually laugh out loud at something I see on line.

Thanks to Rene (the Kicking Bitch) for providing this one.

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3 Replies to “Silver Nose”

  1. That would make me “lol” except that I never “lol” except in real life.

    Read another of Pops posts. Maybe he’s the one I was thinking of about the Filthy Blog. He’s pretty funny, though. I might have to stop reading him before I get thoroughly inappropriate and laugh out loud the short way.

  2. It didn’t make me LOL, but it did make me LQTMS (laugh quietly to myself). I think this should be the next territory for rappers to show off their bling–forget teeth, it’s too subtle! People can’t see your bling unless your mouth is open. Or if you don’t brush as often as you should. The nose is a much more visible area of adornment. I can totally see a platinum diamond-encrusted monstrosity adorning Lil Jon, Jay-Z, et al.

  3. Call me crazy, but there is something about being Tyco Brahe in the first place, and then getting so worked up over a math problem that you have to duke it out (or whack it off, in this case). But the topper is like, when he’s in the hospital and they tell him you’re lucky, that math student was REALLY pissed off, no telling what he MIGHT have cut off, but we can’t save your real nose, so what material should we use to make a fake one? … and he decides to go with silver. OK, I know it was the 1500’s, but, geez, they had wood in those days.

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