Sock Puppet Bunnies

Hardly any of the Precious Few who read this have gone and gotten theirSock Puppet Bunny own Gravatar, so I hereby decree that you shall all be SOCK PUPPET BUNNIES until I change my mind.

Jayne, Shephard and Laurie, three who almost never comment here, have gravatars, so they will be represented by their own self-created (or at least self-chosen) avatars. The rest of you, go ahead and leave a comment (or go to a previous post and look at your comment), and you will see that you have become sock puppet bunnies.

To avoid this fate, just go to and sign up for your own gravatar. It’s free, and then you won’t have to be a sock puppet bunny. (At other sites, your default persona might be even worse!) If you don’t have a picture you want to use, there’s a huge library of free avatar images at Pick one and download it from there, then go to, sign up (with your real email address) and upload it there.

I’m tempted to try to explain what a Gravatar is. Let’s just say it’s a picture that represents you when you comment on blogs. Not all blogs have Gravatars implemented, but this one does, and more will follow.

It’s fun, it’s free, it’s kicky! You know you can do it, so come on, get to it!

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41 Replies to “Sock Puppet Bunnies”

  1. Laurie – Love the hat, babe!

    Theresa – Your boss is lucky to have you at all. It’s true, the Gravatar web site can be slow at times. Also, your gravatar is delayed because they view and “rate” each one. You didn’t use one that’s too racy, did you?

  2. I changed it about 3 times trying to get one that would work. I think the last one was a naked chik. Who knows what my impatience will get me.

  3. I’d been thinking of doing that, so good. But when I went to the gravatar site, it had me leave a email address and password, then left me hanging. It did not proceed anywhere. Does it do that on odd or even days? Shit!

  4. Ron – Since this is really all for me on my blog, I gotta say “Thanks for trying big guy.” I know you did all you could.

    Theresa – You are truly The Love Goddess! And the picture’s kind of small, but… yes, yes I believe you are unclothed.

    Jayne – Out ahead of us all, as usual.

    Ron (again) – Don’t keep doing the same thing over and over, and expect a different outcome. It could happen, but probably not.

  5. Oooh. I’m so glad you brought this up again. I never followed through the first time. Yes. Yes. Sometimes I have commitment issues! So sue me!

    I’m sort of excited to get my own in a few minutes and be a sock bunny now!


    I am now in Gravator limbo, waiting for *the man* to approve my custom gravatar.


    How will *it* know to automatically put my gravatar here? I don’t get that.

  7. Blue Girl – I’m not sure they approve or disapprove. I think they rate them. This blog has no Gravatar rating restriction, though (see naked Love Goddess, above), so you’ll be OK here. SPECIAL BONUS: Your new Gravatar will show up in most Haloscan and TypePad comment windows, too. On this blog, I think it will be retroactive – not sure on others. How does it know to put your Gravatar here? It’s built into my oage template. Whenever the page loads, it goes and looks for your Gravatar. If it finds it, it is displayed. If not, sock puppet bunny for you…

  8. Sorry, Blue Girl (and Ron). This seemed like a good idea at the time. And a lot of folks do have their own Gravatars. Theresa even got one yesterday, after I posted this, so we know it can happen. But I wouldn’t blame you at this point if you gave up. In view of all you’ve gone through, I may relent and turn you into something nicer than sock puppet bunnies.

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