Sock Puppet Bunnies

Hardly any of the Precious Few who read this have gone and gotten theirSock Puppet Bunny own Gravatar, so I hereby decree that you shall all be SOCK PUPPET BUNNIES until I change my mind.

Jayne, Shephard and Laurie, three who almost never comment here, have gravatars, so they will be represented by their own self-created (or at least self-chosen) avatars. The rest of you, go ahead and leave a comment (or go to a previous post and look at your comment), and you will see that you have become sock puppet bunnies.

To avoid this fate, just go to and sign up for your own gravatar. It’s free, and then you won’t have to be a sock puppet bunny. (At other sites, your default persona might be even worse!) If you don’t have a picture you want to use, there’s a huge library of free avatar images at Pick one and download it from there, then go to, sign up (with your real email address) and upload it there.

I’m tempted to try to explain what a Gravatar is. Let’s just say it’s a picture that represents you when you comment on blogs. Not all blogs have Gravatars implemented, but this one does, and more will follow.

It’s fun, it’s free, it’s kicky! You know you can do it, so come on, get to it!

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41 Replies to “Sock Puppet Bunnies”

  1. To Blue Girl, Ron and any who may be lurking and wondering if this whole Gravatar thing is some kind of cruel joke: For one thing, you don’t have to keep commenting here to see if your new Gravatar has been rated and/or implemented. When the image you’ve uploaded is approved, it will appear here with your existing comments, and any other blogs/sites that are Gravatar-aware. So while I always like to hear from you, you can relax, and just wait.

    Also, there’s a support forum at, and this brief conversation is copied directly from there:

    Q – “I signed up on Wednesday, uploaded the correct size gravatar etc and am still waiting for it to be rated/implemented. How long does this take?

    A – “Your gravatar should be rated shortly. With the high traffic, it can take several days.”

    The “Wednesday” referred to is just last week, so this info is pretty fresh, which means… just wait. While we wait, my heartbeat races in anticipation and love.

  2. Just dropping by to see myself as a Sock Bunny!

    Am I a hand puppet sock bunny? Just thought of that.

    BTW, Larry. I now have a Poland AND a Serbia.

    Now I need a Costa Rica — are you NOT willing to join the Coalition of the Willing?

    Am I going to have to report you to the liberal media?

  3. Eeky – Welcome! If I had a monkey, it would be yours. Mi monkey es su monkey, preciosa.

    Blue Girl – I can’t tell you how badly I feel about this wild goose (or rabbit) chase I have got you started on. As for joining your coalition of the willing, what’s the point of starting something when there is no identifiable enemy, and attacks come from no known location or state? Wait, let me rethink that…

  4. Okay, okay. Much as I like the sock puppet (and i really do like it), I did as you told me to do and got me some gravatarosity. Though I just did it five minutes ago, so it’s unlikely it’ll show up with this comment.

  5. I have just selected and uploaded a suitable image.

    But I’m told that a panel of experts will pass judgment on it. I suppose that makes sense, because the alternative would be for me to upload pictures of genitalia and so forth. Not good, right?

    I’m submitting my comment now to see if, perchance, there is some automatic mechanism in place whereby my totally innocent selection is put into place next to my name.

    If that doesn’t happen, will I get a sock puppet? (Which, by the way, is a rather nice image to have. I might have picked it had it not been deemed a booby prize by someone else.)

    Thank you, Mr. Jones, for leading us into depths of geekdom!

  6. Well, apparently Gravatar is sucking at this time. Ron, Blue Girl, Goldie and Blanca are having no luck. I have been looking into setting up something on revision99 so you all could upload your avatars here, but then they would only work here, and anyway I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it. I remain encouraged by the fact that Theresa got a Gravatar in about an hour, just like at Frame’n’Lens, but I am deeply concerned about the rest of you, and I’m sorry for adding this little stress to your lives. Not to mention the hundreds of readers who haven’t yet filed their complaints here.

    Blanca, as I have said, when (and if) your Gravatar is “approved,” it will appear here automatically. You won’t have to keep commenting, although, as I have also said, I do enjoy the company. Also, you imply that the only two choices in image selection are a.) wildly inappropriate or b.) strictly monitored by management. Is this a statement about the inherent wickedness of humanity? Are you saying that we will do the right thing only if kept under rigid control by a superior force? Do you need a spanking?

  7. Mr. Jones! Did you hear that we now stand at the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED stage?

    Did you see that Mr. Wolcott commented on my weblog?

    I’m wondering if I’m still going to be a sock puppet bunny.

    And why have all the bunnies shrunk so? They are just little itty bitty bunnies now.

  8. I shrunk the sock puppet bunnies because they were bigger than the standard Gravatar (40pxX40px, on this site), and I anticipate that soon you will have your own avatar and I didn’t want you to feel inferior to the bunnies. Also, because I am The Great and Powerfil Oz.

    As for Wolcott commenting on your blog, you have arrived, I guess. Did you sleep with him?

    Anyway, I hope your “mission accomplished” incantation works better than the President’s…

  9. Pshaw, Mr. Jones! You know my heart belongs to Brad!

    I’m having a party of at my place! There are martinis and 45s and swingin’ chicks and hip dudes.

    All Sock Bunnies and Custom Gravatar Snobs are invited to come dance on my white shag carpet! (I’m only inviting the coolest of the cool people — don’t you all feel special?)

    Sam Cooke may make an appearance — ya’ll better hurry now!

  10. why don’t y’all come to my place instead and swill alcohol while watching me pack up my worldly possessions? it’ll be a blast!

  11. Goldie – If you’re moving out, does that mean we get to trash the place? I’m in! Or is it the opposite? We have to vacuum and spackle the walls, so you can get back your security deposit? In that case, you should have thought of this before you put up all those pictures.

  12. I don’t have a security deposit at this place, but spackling will nevertheless be involved. Or toothpaste works, too, in a pinch. Not so much with the pictures–more with hanging pots on the wall in the kitchen. I can’t really trash a place, though; it’s not in me. Plus, the place into which I’m moving was left in deplorable condition and I can’t really do that to someone else.

  13. Also, I see that the gravatar-approval people are taking a few days off . . . luckily, I don’t mind being a sock-puppet bunny.

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