OK, you lazy, lazy, unfeeling people.

I made my little compilation of guitar solos for you and almost none of you tried to guess the titles. Would it have been too much trouble to just make up a list of songs, any songs, and post them here in a comment? Well, now I can tell you the truth that there was a prize, and it was a brand new Pontiac 6, just like Oprah gives away at her show. But I’m sending it back, because no one cared enough to try to win it. Not only that, but maybe now there will be no GuitarMania 2, including some Yardbirds-era Clapton and the triple solo on the B-side of “Abbey Road.” How do you feel now? Not so smug, I’ll bet. (Note: None of this is directed at the beautiful and talented Laurie Kay Ransonette Anderson or the extremely kind and ethical Aydreeyin Oneiric.)

So here are the songs, and the artists, and the guitarists who played the solos (if I know them):

  • Johnny B. Goode (intro) – Chuck Berry
  • Louie Louie – The Kingsmen
  • Hello Mary Lou – Ricky Nelson (James Burton)
  • You Really Got Me – The Kinks (Dave Davies)
  • Concrete and Clay – Uhit 4 Plus 2
  • Right Place, Wrong Time – Dr. John (probably Leo Nocentelli)
  • One of These Nights – Eagles (probably Joe Walsh)
  • Dixie Chicken – Little Feat (Lowell George and Paul Barrere)
  • I Saw the Light – Todd Rundgren (he played all the parts)
  • Redneck Friend – Jackson Brown (David Lindley)
  • Cinnamon Girl – Crazy Horse (Neil Young)
  • Johnny B. Goode (solo) – Chuck Berry
  • Cinnamon Girl (reprise) – Neil Young

Hey, it’s OK. Bloggers are geeks, right? Which means you were all stupefied from watching Star Wars, and unable to think about anything else. It was really just a scheduling conflict. I love ya, now get outta here.

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2 Replies to “Solos”

  1. “Warning: The file is over 4 MB. If you’re on a dial-up connection, go get a haircut while it downloads.” Sorry to offend, I only took your advice….& I would have been bald if I had made my haricut last long enough for my prehistoric dial-up computer to download this…

  2. Yeah, what he said! Actually, I don’t even try to hear music on my slow dial-up compouter (not a misspell).

    The only reason I fucked with it for the tunes to the Farina songs was that I figured most people wouldn’t experience it to be as slow. If everybody had my kind hookup, we’d all ban music on the web, it’s that simple.

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