Each morning for the past six weeks or so as I backed out of the garage I saw this weed in my rear view mirror. It was growing right out of the paved alley, and getting bigger and bigger. The nerve of some weeds!

Eventually it occurred to me that my neighbor across the alley, who is something of a recluse, probably didn’t even know this evil flora was trying to destroy his cinderblock wall, and if left alone it would succeed. I thought about cutting it down every time I saw it for at least a month, because, you know, I’m a good neighbor. Two days ago I was trimming trees in my yard and I had the clipper in my hand, but I got distracted and I never went over there.

Then this morning I opened the garage door and whoa! This beautiful sunflower was smiling at me from across the alley! It’s four feet tall and as you can see it’s growing out of nothing — pavement and cement blocks — yet its drive for life has been wonderfully successful.

I no longer care if my recluse neighbor’s wall is damaged. I mean, who would? Those are just cinderblocks, and this is a FLOWER.

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