The Soul of Wit

What am I thinking, writing so many words?

When I look at the previous post and realize that I have to scroll down to see it all, even I don’t want to read it. This is the Age of Video. Do I think I’m writing for Posterity? Even if Blogger doesn’t close up shop and delete everything we’ve all written, Posterity will have lost the art of reading, so who am I trying to kid?

I’m too long-winded. There are too many revisions. The prose is prolix. I think I’m on the right track using pictures all the time (thus the gratuitous cheesecake above), but when I start writing I must strive for brevity. Discipline, Jones.

So that’s all for tonight, except to say that my heart burns with hot, hot love for you all.

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21 Replies to “The Soul of Wit”

  1. LOL Larry…when all else fails…tits and ass never will. For me, it’s the midget porn.

    I read your last post. Thought it was great, but will leave my comment there next.

  2. G.D. – I don’t know what you mean. I just chose a random picture, thinking the colorful image would get attention. I’m all about the attention.

    Aydreeyin – Do you think I should include seminude Hott Boy Toy Studmuffins here, too?

    Theresa – …But you are different. (And you probably don’t get HBO.)

  3. Not only do I get HBO, I get every single cable station offered — free. The man works for the cable company. It’s one of the few perks.

    Different? Sure, but that hardly makes my approval any less significant. I also happen to be a harsh critic.

  4. Steph – Thank you. A surprise is good every now and then, eh?

    Goldie – Leave it to you to make me have to stop and think about a smartass remark I have made. Warning: I may take you up on the challenge.

    Theresa – Why do I feel chastised and approved of at the same time?

  5. Don’t let GD fool you. She only thinks we respond to midget porn. The truth is that we’re all mocking her outlandish obsession.

    And yikes on the hot, hot love bit. And me without my galoshes.

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