Treacherous Canadian Stabs US Prez in Back

Source: Trump backs out of joint G7 communique after accusing ‘meek and mild’ Trudeau of ‘false statements’ | The Independent

Kim Jung Un must be pleased to be sitting down with an American president…

…who has, just a few hours earlier, blown off six of America’s closest and strongest allies. Trump has already backed down on joint U.S. – South Korea military exercises at Kim’s demand. This demonstrates not only that Donald Trump is a wimp who is getting outmaneuvered, but also that he doesn’t give a fuck about the rest of the world.

Kim is not going to give up his nukes. My concern now is that Trump will “negotiate” a reduction in North Korean ICBMs (which can reach North America) in exchange for pulling U.S. troops out of South Korea. This leaves Kim with nuclear weapons and short-range missiles which will threaten both South Korea AND Japan, two allies no longer able to depend on help from the U.S. I can’t believe we are now talking about a real possibility that nuclear weapons might be used again.

Meantime, Trump has given Kim the great gift of being seen on worldwide television as an equal to the American president and a respected world leader in his own right.

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