Upgrading revision99

Today I discovered that something was wrong with my blog and I was unable to post. I’ve been putting off upgrading the software for, well, years, even though the very excellent and generous programmers at WordPress have come out with numerous updates and — for security reasons — have urged me to get up to date. Of course I’ve been ignoring them, but I was unable to fix my posting problem in my usual haphazard way, so in desperation I decided to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress (2.71, and I was way back at 2.0), which is what you’re looking at now (I hope).

Things probably don’t look quite right — they don’t to me, either, but I have a cold and I have a weekend trip coming up that I must prepare for, so I’ll have to leave the place messed up until next week. Or maybe the week after. But I’ll get to it.

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  1. Just testing the comment thing. Hey! It looks like Gravatars are back! I didn’t do that on purpose. Blue Girl, or somebody with a Gravatar, please leave a comment so I can check.

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