You might not notice my lack of posts, but…

Over California

…I have left home for a week and am secluded in an undisclosed Northern California location. I’ve been here for three days now, relaxing, and it’s a different guy who peers back at me out of the mirror in the bathroom. A guy whom I like somewhat better than the regular, day-to-day Jones.

I won’t go on right now. Just checking in with the Precious Few who might read this. I am off to see what’s on the end of this road, and why the Auto Club map of Northern California doesn’t include Sacramento or San Francisco.

But who cares, really?

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6 Replies to “Vacation!!”

  1. Have fun, Larry. I love California. Love it. Every part I’ve ever visited. Have to get back one day.

    We’re leaving for vacation Friday. Beach bound! I’m going to be connected, too. Will have to do some work and also check in with my blogging peeps. But, I don’t mind. I can do anything with an ocean view.

  2. Right behind you, Larry. Except (a) I’m not taking a computer, and (b) I’m not going to be in California. but we’ll be vacationing together in separate places!

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