VOTE 2006!

UPDATE: If you don’t think you’ll be able to make it to your voting place today, read this.




I’m sure by now the Republicans must be sick of hearing us liberals warning each other about tomorrow’s midterm election:

  • Take nothing for granted.Hope Not Fear
  • Don’t let them steal this election, too.
  • Vote early and often (just kidding).
  • Get paper receipts.
  • Videotape the goings-on at the polls.
  • These Republicans don’t care about the Republic. They’ll do anything to win – voter fraud, machine hacking, vote suppression, intimidation, lying, SO BE ON GUARD!

We seem to take for granted that chicanery and deception is the only way the morally bankrupt GOP can trick the voters into keeping them in office, and we state as if it is undeniable fact that all they really want is to stay in office, not so they can make the country and the world a better place, but so they can remain bellied up to the public trough for as long as possible, the better to steal all the money and violate all the tender young pages. What a snotty, elitist attitude. It’s gotta piss ‘em off.

To you moderate conservatives who don’t think you fit into this description, or who know you are not guilty of these offenses, where the hell have you been for the past ten years or so? You stood back and let this happen. The neocons looked like they were winners, and you didn’t have the balls to stand up and yell “You don’t speak for me!” You let the extremists set the tone, you rode into (and stayed in) office on their energy, on their dirty tricks, on their nutcase agenda. You let them have the keys to the engine, and now you are riding on a runaway train, desperately holding onto what’s left of your honor and your jobs.

Because the radicals in your party don’t have a plan other than to take the money and run, because they have been hiding this behind their false messages of piety and compassion, the wheels are starting to come off. You have let the wingnuts, with their street-fighting style of political thuggery, create an atmosphere of distrust in the land — distrust going toward flat-out hatred — and now you think you can avoid blame by running away from your president and his brutal henchmen at this, the last possible moment.

It won’t work, because the hatred you have spawned is turning back on you, even though in your hearts you know you don’t deserve it. Maybe you don’t, but you’re going to have to spend a long time earning back the trust you have squandered, and that’s only if the voters in your districts aren’t so disgusted with you that they throw you out with the rest of the hypocrites, liars, cheaters and bums.

To The Precious Few who read this blog, and to all good people who stumble on this: Let’s make today the last day of the neocon darkness that has fallen on the United States and the world. Get out and vote. Vote your hopes, not your fears.
Things are gonna get better, but first let’s stop the bleeding.


[Thanks to Michael Bains for the link to the Image Chef campaign button fabricator.]

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