Happy 2009

Happy 2009
We may be in for a rough ride in the coming year, but I feel hopeful instead of resentful for the first time in, oh, eight years. Jesus, that was a long administration wasn’t it? In retrospect, Al Gore should never have given up in 2000, and if he couldn’t win the election in court (after winning in the voting process) he should have challenged Bush to a duel — pistols at sunrise — and if Bush (or more likely Cheney) had shot him, we should have risen up as a nation and rejected his ass right then and there. We didn’t do any of that, so in a way we got what was coming to us.

Anyway, I feel good about the immediate future, in the way you feel good about not hitting yourself on the head with a hammer, after doing so for fifteen minutes.

Which is to say I love you all and I hope more of you will stop by and comment during 2009. Whether you do or not, may you enjoy peace, love and beauty for one year. You can come back next December to have that renewed.

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8 Replies to “Happy 2009”

  1. It used to be that republicans could hide under a rock, bu now they have all these news talk shows. As Ray Charles once said, “Let’s go get stoned!”

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