Bobbies on the Job

Bravo to the British police for foiling a plot to blow up a bunch of airliners.

Jeez, these terrorists are obsessed, aren’t they? I wonder what got them so pissed off. I wish I could give a dose of it to the offensive line of the Minnesota Vikings. Those guys don’t seem real mad at anybody.

And, hey, kudos to whomever woke up President Bush this morning and got him to “make a statement” about the arrests. It sounded like he thought there might be some U.S. law enforcement involved, although it’s been the only story all day and I don’t think I’ve heard anything about U.S. cooperation in any of it. I’m sure by tomorrow Bush will have a better-spun version that implies that he was supervising the entire operation.

Seriously, this is the kind of police work needed to keep the world safe, not the Bush administration’s bull-in-a-china-shop, invade-first, ask-questions-later technique. I’m sure it’s not easy, but it’s the right way to fight the small number of wackos who want to become martyrs.

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11 Replies to “Bobbies on the Job”

  1. Are you implying we’re going to have to ban ducks and geese and other things that go “Wack, wack!” No feathers on board this plane, sir!! Good job, Sgt. Do-right, keep it up!

  2. Does the “small number of wackos” include the Hezbollah launching THOUSANDS of missiles at civilians in Israel?

    I can’t wait for the liberal spin on this, “Oh, if only we would reach out, hold hands with the Islamofascists and sing, Kumbaya, together.”

    And what is with this constant fixation about President Bush? In the beginning, I was skeptical of the term, Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS). Now I am not so sure. Everything is Bush’s fault. A typical post will go like this:

    “The terrorists are so filled with hate (Bush’s fault), that they even use their own children to be human bombs (Bush packed the TNT)… and they hide behind women and children (Bush’s idea) as they fire rockets into Israel (Bush aimed and pulled the trigger), etc.”

    *shakes head in wonder*

  3. Ben – No. I was referring to the ones who want to become martyrs. The suicide bombers and airplane crashers. Wasn’t that clear in my post? As for the rest of your comment, I don’t hate President Bush. I believe he is nothing more than an electable face being used by hyperconservative jingoists to execute their policies of permanent war and upward redistribution of wealth. The fact that a man so obviously simple-minded and easily manipulated is President of the United States would be laughable if it weren’t so frightening. So don’t put words in my mouth.

    I admit, though, that I am holding my breath for 2008, hoping the extreme elements of the Republican party don’t win again. Is that what you mean by Bush Derangement Syndrome?

    Finally, if you can’t be civil, stay away from here.

  4. Frankly, I was just following the tone (and disingenuity) of your previous post:

    “like a drunken frat boy with a D-plus academic average.”

    Bush didn’t have a D-plus academic average. In fact, his academic average was HIGHER than Kerry’s. If “a drunken frat boy” can achieve a higher GPA than a supposed non-drunken college student (i.e. Kerry), that doesn’t say much for the intelligence of Mr. Edwards, doesn’t it?

    It is ironic that you speak of civility while engaging in such vitriol and untruth against the President of this country. Is this why a multitude of liberals threatened to leave USA if Bush won the 2004 elections (but hardly any actually did)?

  5. Oh, come on, Ben: Everybody knows he was a drunken frat boy. Listening to his speech today I was afraid he was hittin’ the bottle again. His time in the White House demonstrates exactly why landlords won’t rent to them: They trash the place. They have to get in under false pretenses, lyin’ on the application, just like Dubya. I can’t believe we fell for that “uniter, not a divider” line, can you? As for his grade point average (this is so MySpace, isn’t it? I love it!), he’s either forgotten English grammar entirely, or he was cheatin’ at Yale, too.

  6. It still doesn’t change the fact that Bush was not a D-plus academic average student; and that Bush had a higher grade point average than Kerry (who is touted as belonging to the intelligentsia).

    As for the rest, I will just point to Occam’s razor.

    Thanks to these peace-loving religion of peace freedom fighters, I won’t be able to bring my laptop onboard flights. Good job, guys!

  7. Ben – Occam’s razor! Good idea. When a guy – in this case, Dubya – cannot put together complete, grammatical and non-run-on sentences or even pronounce common English words, and yet he has “graduated” from a respected college, Occam’s razor suggests…
    …making the fewest assumptions…
    …yes, that’s right…
    …he cheated!

  8. I’m getting really sick of Islamic extremists. That’s what came to mind when I heard the reports. Sick. Of. Them.

    I’m also sick of our administration’s End Times-inspired Middle East policy, and Hezbollah, and Israel, and just ALL of them. Sick sick sick. No one has clean hands.

  9. I woder about that fine police work.

    You know, from what we have so far been told, it took place in England, which does not have a bill of rights like ours in the U.S. (I think England’s civil liberties emerge from common law, not constitutional law.)

    Nor does England have the same sensibility, if you will, that we in the U.S. have with regard to civil liberties, wire tapping, warrants, court approvals, eavesdropping, undercover work, interrogration techniques, and “Chinese walls” between local and international spy agencies (e.g., that between FBI and CIA before 9-11).

    So those against Bush maybe should wait and see about this police work before complimenting it, because it may have included behavior that they condemned when coming from him.

  10. Oops! I WONDER about that fine police work.

    As for woder, I don’t think “woder” is a word, but I like the sound.

    Woder: A small, hidden and well-protected place, usually found in a thick and dark forest.

  11. Oh, I couldn’t possibly agree more on all this. I think that my very first thought when I heard the story about the plot being “foiled” was: I’m soo glad this didn’t happen over here. I’m really not at all confident that WE would have found ANYthing at all. I hope we would, and I’d like to think we would, but I’m not confident of that. The technique and the take-down were excellent. Maybe the Europeans will be angry with us now?

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